Facebook is changing its name to Meta

Facebook is now officially altering its name to Meta, CEO Mark Zukerberg declared today at the company’s Oculus Connect event.

As Zuckerberg mentioned, the word meta originates from the Greek word for beyond, which is where the CEO feels the firm is going with its revived focus on improved and virtual reality.

At Connect, Mark Zuckerberg defined numerous plans for its calling a connected, “People First” internet that emphasises less on social media in its traditional form and more on newer media forms like AR and VR.

While the ways in which we will relate with this podium are still imminent together, the samples we saw showed unified connectivity between Facebook’s apps like Messenger and Oculus VR devices.

None of Facebook’s apps like Messenger or Instagram has reformed their names or descriptions to replicate the fresh way for the firm, but we have revealed the @Meta Twitter handle and a Meta.com web address with content and information on the firm’s new way.


This is an essential point in Facebook’s history regarding the name change to Meta 

While it’s a bit peculiar to overhear that Facebook – a trademark knew the world over – will be shifting its name, it seems to bring into line with both Facebook’s upcoming plans and its existing problems nearby confidentiality and the nonexistence thereof.

By altering its name, Meta can now capitalise on more AR / VR expertise without it feeling like two distinct corporations, a point that Facebook might have taken powerfully into deliberation due to the calls by members of the US government to break down the firm up into smaller pieces.

Having one firm that emphasises fresh involvements might encourage the public that Facebook is turning over a fresh leaf and capitalising on new technologies rather than converging on monetizing its current user base.

That said, Facebook / Meta appears to have no strategies on giving up on either of its two profitable social media websites, its two messaging services or its VR/AR company, Facebook Reality Labs.

A fresh name may change how the firm ensues from here, but by and large, you can presume some of its legacy platforms to persist precisely as they are now. What’s your view on this name changing of Facebook into Meta? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Follow our posts for further updates on Meta.

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