Google Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner is perfectly placed, so it’s a shame it sucks

Fingerprint scanners on smartphones have been nearby for almost a decade, and while Apple is resolute to change away from them, our digits are still the body biometric of excellent for the mainstream of manufacturers.

Though, every print sensor is not made or located the same. Considering the Pixel 6 for the very first time, it was crystal clear that Google has acquired something accurate which is nothing but the fingerprint scanner location.

Reasonably, Google has positioned the scanner about a quarter of the way up the screen, and this makes it much easier to hit also offers a cool look.


Eradicating fingerprint scanner frustrations

Our personal experience during swapping over from the OnePlus9, which has a sensor placed towards the bottom of the display.  It means, when you will hold the phone in one hand, it will sometimes need to uncomfortably trundle the handset to get your thumb in the exact place.

Before OnePlus9 we were using Pixel 4a for a few months in 2020 and where we found the scanner was mounted rear part of the handset and was very easy to hit when the phone was in hand, it wasn’t reachable when lying on my desk.

The Google Pixel 6 reports both of these frustrations. It’s super easy to hit when held in the hand, and also handy when placed on a desk. It also has the additional benefit of not astounding on a desk when you nudge it, as its enormous camera bump spans the whole width of the handset, offering a solid grounding for the handset.

If we will match that with several major handsets of today, whose cameras tend to be located in one corner of their rear then you can find a drastic change in the position of the scanner.

If we will consider the Pixel 6 and no doubt the top tip for action your fingerprints on this phone or any other with an under-display scanner is doing both thumbs and both forefingers. This combination guarantees hassle-free unlocking in any scenario.

We were pleased with these exposes, but now having used the Pixel 6 for over a week, there is an important problem that’s reducing our early assurance.

fingerprint scanner

Not all basic navigating    

When it comes to the Google Pixel 6 no doubt the placement of fingerprint scanner placement is absolutely perfect but the performance is not good at all. Pixel 6 scanner feels very slow to respond and we are taking a fraction of a second or so, but there is an obvious delay against some of the phones we have used over the years.

We can say this is still comparatively early days-we have been using Pixel 6 for just the past two weeks but another bigger problem we are facing is none other than the high frequency of failed readings.

No doubt a lot of fingerprint scanners in new phones progress accurateness the more you use them, so the Pixel 6 may well progress for us as the weeks go by, but early detection we found the performance of this phone is not that promising.

This review we are giving after using the fingerprint scanner several times with different apps. You have to get your finger placement spot on, as else the Pixel 6 struggles to authenticate your digit.

We are confident enough that this is something that will progress over time with more use, or Google may bring a software update in near future to fix these issues.

If the performance problems can be settled on then the Google Pixel 6 may have the best fingerprint scanner we have ever seen or used on any smartphone, but as of now, it’s a complete case of best location but poor performance.

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