National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day 2021 Date, Deals

Ice Cream is undoubtedly the most liked dessert ever invented by man. It’s creamy and rich in flavor, filled with the pleasant flavors of summer while presence finished from the cold as the winter, and is seamless at any time of the year. Ice Cream can be used to prepare sandwiches or whole cakes, or … Read More

National Horse Day

National horse day (National horse day 2021)

National Horse Day also sometimes known as National Day of Horse, is celebrated on 13th December. This day is a special day not just for Horseback riders and horse enthusiasts, it purposes to highlight all the ways in which horses have factually contributed to society, socially as well as economically, in the United States. Horses … Read More

National Cat Day 2022

Everything Know About National Cat Day 2022

National Cat Day takes place in October every year in the United States. Colleen Paige designed it to raise consciousness about the number of cats that require to be saved each and every year. It is a day when individuals praise and honor the presence of their cats.  Nevertheless, it’s not only a day for … Read More

Day of the Dead 2022

All About Day of the Dead 2022

The Day of the Dead, commonly referred to as Da de Los Muertos in Spanish, is a Mexican tradition celebrated in November. The spirits of the deceased are supposed to visit their surviving relatives on this day. Many individuals commemorate this day by paying visits to the cemeteries of people who have passed away and … Read More

National Boss Day 2022

All About National Boss Day 2022

The 16th of October is National Boss Day, a day to honour the folks that keep us hired! It’s a day for workers to recognise, acknowledge, and appreciate their bosses or employers for guiding and encouraging them all year. If you want to find out when is National Boss Day and how to celebrate National … Read More

Columbus Day 2022

Everything Know About Columbus Day 2022

Columbus Day 2022 will be a public holiday in Latin American and other countries, as well as a federal holiday in the United States, commemorating Christopher Columbus’ landing in the Americas on October 12, 1492.  Christopher Columbus was a Genoese adventurer who became a subject of the Hispanic Monarchy in an attempt to conduct a Spanish … Read More

Indigenous Peoples Day 202

Everything Know About Indigenous Peoples Day 2022

Indigenous Peoples Day honours and remembers Native Americans, as well as their traditions and rituals. Indigenous Peoples Day is held on the second Monday in October in the United States, and it is a recognised city and state holiday in many cities. It began as a counter-celebration on Columbus Day, the United States’ national holiday … Read More