Amazon Inc and IBM Join Hands to Develop Better Data Tools for Industries

Technology is improving and bringing ease to human life day by day. With this advance in technology and computing, the old system of keeping paper records of everything has almost disappeared. Today, data computing centers have come into existence in which the chances of error are greatly reduced. Amazon Inc and IBM Join Hands to come up with a more efficient approach to managing a large number of data used in oil companies.

Amazon has always been on the lookout for ways to improve technology in managing records. For similar reasons, back in the year 2018, Amazon Inc. noticed the problem with the centuries-old way of keeping data on papers, so it started working with the Royal Dutch Shell in order to develop a technology that would use a standardized format. This would not only be lacking errors but also be very efficient for multinational oil companies.

This technology is broadly being utilized on open sources so that it is publically available. This technology is being used in cloud computing centers for now, where there is a network of computers to manage and utilize the industry’s important data. There is a system of storing all the data within the country In many countries like Russia, Nigeria, and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where oil is majorly produced. This method is because Amazon’s data centers are not available in these regions.

To find a possible solution or a fix for this issue, International Business Machines Corporation and Amazon Inc have decided to work together. IBM has allowed its OpenShift software through which the oil industries of these countries can utilize their private data center, and within it, they can use the tools of cloud data with ease.

Manish Chawal, who works at the International Business Machines Corporation as a managing director for energy, stated in an interview with the reporters that nowadays, the requirement for data localization is almost around fifty percentage points or half of the oil making industries throughout the world. Without this, the markets will not run.

Bill Vass, who works at Amazon Web Services, Inc as a vice President mentioned that the use of data tools and its advantages are not just limited to organizing or storage of data only, but it proves to be a big advantage for the companies portfolios.

This is possible because, with the data tools, companies will be able to add assets like solar energy and wind energy, which are nonpetroleum of oil origin. These nonpetroleum assets, which are a means of renewable energy, helps with keeping a record and organizing the output production of companies anywhere around the globe and at any time.

Bill Vass said mentioned that these companies could be in favor if they switch to becoming energy companies because they would already have their own supplies of data like the wind data and solar data. All these data will be with them along with the transmission line data too, which will make everything so much easier for them.

From the concepts of energy production to the concepts of the energy grid, everything is complex and hard to understand. Everything becomes confusing when you begin to analyze all angles of the process of transmission of energy.

International Business Machines Corporation and Amazon Web Services Inc are working together to reduce the hurdles faced by the industries in data retaining. The International Business Machines Corporation’s Open source data program uses the data platform OSDU for the industries of energy, oil, and gas.

For the ease of managing the data, IBM has equipped Open data with the IBM cloud Pak. To ease the companies and industries with smooth running and working of applications throughout the world, Open shift has been designed which consist of the open-source and architecture and is also the most popular Kubernetes platform nowadays. This Open Shift software has proven to be most effective and efficient in dealing with large amounts of data of these industries.

This combination of both the companies working together will be beneficial for all the users as they will be able to run the data platform of OSDU in the AWS cloud application. They can also run the OSDU data platform on the site and also state the requirements for residency of the data there at the same time. So with this approach of working and managing, companies see huge benefits, and along with them, the workers are happy too.

AWS cloud, although it is very efficient, it has some complex procedures of working too that need to be understood before use. With the broad range of its infrastructure, the price, time, and all the other resources can be decreased by getting insights from the data of the energy companies.

This whole idea and its development are just for the sake of customers to use AWS cloud anywhere around the globe and reduce the workload upon themselves. The customers will not have to work long hours, and there will be no worries of accidentally creating any errors in the work. Everyone will be able to work in a relaxed environment focusing on the more important things which would generate more benefits.

OSDU data platform has been allowed to run on-premises, but in the future, there could be more to its use. To expand OSDU’s use and break the location barrier set up for using OSDU, both the companies have decided to work together. If this is successfully put together, then there will be more flexibility to the use of the OSDU data platform.

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