Decline in the Real Estate Stocks Because of the Hike in Developers Rates

China has been under debt, and now it is looking for ways to pay it back. China decided to increase the money to Decline in the Real Estate Stocks. Sunac China Holdings Ltd earned around 953 million dollars earlier, but now it has lost almost 12 percentage points of shares. Aoyuan Group Ltd of China lost around 11.7 percentage points, too, as it decided to sell its properties in Hong Kong. Since this deal would have been a loss for them, so decline in rate was noticed.

Chinese company Greenland decided to no longer work as a Property Developer (3:22 p.m. Hong Kong)

Greenland announced publically that it would no longer work as a property development firm, but instead, it would be a construction firm. Because of this decision, Greenland had a good raise.

A sign-up was done for ease of property policies which caused the Chinese dollar to bounce back to its original rate. This, along with the confusion of investors regarding the recent housing sector crisis, has caused the decline, but even in the middle of all this, the reorganizing took place.

China Developers See Rising Bond Pledging Risks Amid Debt Crisis (2:48 p.m. Hong Kong)

Bond prices are rising in the middle of the setback China is facing because of its debt.

The exchange-traded repo recorded that the bond has risen already, and the Shanghai Shimao Co happens to observe the bond prices increase too. On November 12, the onshore bonds and the yuan notes both saw a decrease, reported by Bloomberg.

The ratio of pledges explains the worth of a note that has to be sooner or later pledged. An exchange-traded repo of China is trying to analyze the onshore risks that the market faces.

Sales are declining because of which the home markets in china are facing issues (12:17 p.m. Hong Kong)

The markets were so unstable that even the housing was declining at around 0.25 percentage points in the middle of October, counting from September. This happened with a six years-long gap in the previous record of China. There is hope for the stability of the market soon as the officials and the regulators know that this decline in properties could seriously damage the country’s economy.

Because of the supply of power, the economy of china has been stable (11:37 a.m. Hong Kong)

This month even after the declines, it seems like the economy of China is making good progress. A lot of issues are being dealt with a sensibility like a decline in property has been improved, and also the shortage of energy has been improved too.

In the asset investments that are stable, the gain was recorded about six points one percentage point at the beginning of the year 2021. On the other hand, the rate of jobless was about four point nine percentage points. There has been an increase of around three-point five percentage points recorded. This increase as compared to the last year 2020 Is more. The increase in retail sales has also been seen, and it is about four point nine percentage points.

China’s economy started falling six months into the year 2021. It slowly started declining from the mid of June, and now it has been weak to the point where both the demand and supply have gotten under threat. Property markets have also been greatly affected by twenty-five percentage points. The overall shortages of energy and supplies have caused the factories to produce a low amount of yield.

Housing rates are decreasing in China. As a result, developers are facing setbacks (10:11 a.m. Hong Kong)

For the last two weeks, the loss was recorded to be less than three percentage points, but today the CSI 300 Real Estate Index crossed this number. As the home prices also declined, this caused the property developers to lose their shares. The market started to see a decline as the shares fell throughout the country.

Dollar bond exchange to be extended by Yango on November 17 (8 a.m. Hong Kong)

The last date to trade the dollar bond of Yango Group was stretched to November 23, 2021. This is the final date for all tasks like the delivery of exchanges and provision of consent on the basis of eligibility etc. The new note settling and dollar bond exchange have all been delayed further to accommodate and provide opportunities to all the investors.

No dividend payment by Kaisa Group (7:35 a.m. Hong Kong)

On Friday, the Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd. Mentioned that there would be no dividend payments made by them, because of which the board decided to stop the trading for the time being until further notice is taken.

Kaisa is trying to make up the money to cover for itself. A total of around 12.8 billion dollars worth of property is being sold by the Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd to cover for all the debts, especially from the wealth management products, and to also cover for the sales that are decreasing day by day.

The rating of S&P global was clear proof of the decline of the Kaisa group, which will be unavoidable in the next few months.

CBIRC China will be keeping a stable ratio of property prices (7:15 a.m. Hong Kong)

The Friday from last week had some really interesting details to talk about. Regulators of insurance and banking stated that the real estate finances would be restricted. Long-lasting real estate adjustments, shadow banking adjustments, and working hard to control the assets that do not perform. would all be controlled by the operation through the land and houses steady prices.

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