Zoom is finally adding this essential feature on Windows and macOS

Gone are those days when you have to update your video conferencing software before joining a call, Now Zoom has declared that it is going to bring automatic updates to its Windows and macOS clients.

Not only do updates deliver innovative and new features and functionality but they are also used to bring new patch software bugs and other susceptibilities that can be demoralised by hackers to unveil cyberattacks and infect your devices with malware.

Overall, it’s like with other software firms, Zoom frequently announcements updates for its desktop users and mobile apps. Though, all of these updates are not installed by end-users which can put their devices and data in danger.

That’s the main cause, Zoom is now releasing a fresh automatic update feature for its Windows and macOS clients to guarantee that everybody is running the latest version of its software before going for a video call.


Zoom is enabling automatic updates

Conferring to a fresh blog post from Zoom, to turn on automatic updates on Zoom software for Windows or macOS clients, you will first require to open the software’s Settings menu, head to the General tab and select the “Automatically keep my Zoom up to date” option.

From there, you will be provoked to arrive in the admin authorisations to permit the firm’s automatic update feature authorisation to operate but this will only be needed when allowing this setting for the very first time.

Going onward, when a fresh version of Zoom is accessible and you’re not already in a video call, you will be encouraged to install the update. If you overlook this prompt, nothing to worry about as the update will be installed automatically the next time you restart your Zoom client.

If you are not intense about getting frequent updates, the “Slow” option is selected by default which emphases on extreme solidity as an alternative of giving you entree to the modern features. Power users however can permit the “Fast” option which will let you download and install the newest features and updates as soon as they become accessible. It’s also value noting that serious security updates are pushed out by Zoom to everybody irrespective of which choice they have selected.

Although some end users will essentially need to permit automatic updates by themselves, if you are part of a group that uses Zoom while working from home, your IT admin will require to permit this feature for you. What’s your thought on this automatic update of Zoom? Do you like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section for further updates on Zoom keep visiting our site thanks.

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