Realme GT 2 looks weirdly like the Google Pixel 6, according to leaked renders

A lot of people teased when the Google Pixel 6 was revealed only because of its horizontal camera bump, but seemingly that didn’t put off Realme, as its resonances like the ensuing flagship phone from the firm could have a comparable design.

Presently after Realme revealed the ‘GT 2 Pro’ name for its upcoming smartphone, which will deceivingly be the product’s “primary and finest flagship phone” conferring to its CEO, a leaker providing some images of what the device could look like.

Widespread leaker Onleaks provided these pictures to 91mobiles, and they show green and white kinds of the GT 2 Pro no word on the non-Pro form, but many Chinese constructors are inclined to make more of a song and dance about their top-end devices.


We have realised fairly rare Android phones with horizontal camera bumps, but like the Pixel 6, the GT 2 Pro’s lens-home sticks a reasonable way out from the back of the device.

As well as providing these images, OnLeaks shared some specifications for the phone, seemingly, it’ll have a 6.8-inch WQHD+ screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, 50MP main camera joined by a 50MP ultra-wide and 8MP telephoto snapper, a 32GB selfie camera, 12GB RAM, the next high-end Snapdragon chipset and 125W fast charging.

An estimated price is given at $799 around £600, AU$1,120 that’s the price the Galaxy S21 launched at, so the GT 2 Pro seems like a handy competitor for that mobile. It’s value pointing out that Realme doesn’t see its devices in the US, however, yet at least.

RealmeGT2: A strange design side-step!


One of the most unique things regarding the first wave of Realme GT phones was their designs directly above you can see a gallery viewing the original, the GT Neo 2 and the GT Master Edition.

They have all got remarkable arrivals, with the stripes and brave colors of the first two and the ribbed suitcase style of the third.

That is not the exact case with these Realme GT 2 Pro renders though, according to the pictures, the handset seems a lot more generic and typical type. It’s a disgrace, because at Whyd we are big admirers of fascinating looking phones, and found the GT an excitingly innovative device.

Further, it doesn’t appear like we are receiving a vegan leather Realme GT 2 Pro, in spite of how pleasant that sensed in the hand for the GT.

Maybe the ‘standard’ Realme GT 2 will have some more innovative design elements in possession with the original entry in this segment, but we will have to wait to find out.

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