New Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6: A no-compromise Fitness Band

Specs: 1.56-inch AMOLED display, 152×486 pixels resolution, 30 fitness modes, heart-rate monitoring, SpO2, 128 grams, 5ATM waterproof rating, Bluetooth 5.0, 125 mAh battery

In the box: Band body, strap, magnetic charging cable

Price: $48.99

Nowadays you will find several fitness bands in the market but the question is do these bands assist you in staying fit? No doubt these bands help a lot by tracking several fitness parameters, bossy stats, and physical activity, overall we can say these fitness bands are everything about being aware and motivated to succeed a bit towards good health. Recently MI 6 has launched with advanced features along with experience a higher notch.

As every fitness band comes with a configured app, Mi Smart band 6 also comes with MI Fit App where you have to create an account if you are using MI smart wearable for the first time and grant permissions and pair with the band properly. Once you paired it with the smart band now it’s ready to use!

Important features of Mi Smart Band 6

The very first facet of staying fit is to stay active. The MI Smart Band 6 motivates in every manner. To begin with the basics, the band keenly tracks every footstep. Be it 20 steps from your own room to kitchen or 5000 steps from a morning walk on the terrace. This new wearable of MI comes with a 1.56 inch AMOLED screen that is worthy to glimpse at during the workout. You have to tap on the screen to check the growth as the increase to wake feature is not turned on by default.

When it comes to tracking, no doubt this MI wearable is amazing but on the ungenerous side. During a test, when the Mi tracker showed 5000 steps, the count was around 5300 on the Apple watch. Though the difference is not huge that’s obviously a mistake that counts.

During a check of indoor cycling calories, burn were in almost the same range in both Apple watch and Mi Band 6. No doubt, because of pandemics in some places gyms and parks are closed but if you are someone who is accessible to Gym and park then these Mi smart band 6 can be an ideal option for you. For outdoor activities like running, cycling, walking this band can easily track every record properly.

Mi Smart Band 6

Health trackers on Smart Band 6

Sleep tracking is another great feature you will get in the new Xiaomi MI Smart band 6. This wearable track exacts the quality of sleep of the user. You can get the overall data of REM, light sleep, and deep sleep hours on this gadget. The Mi Fit app offers additional information such as 7 days’ sleep tracking, sleep regularity, waking up, deep sleep time, and much more. This band also smartly records the daytime nap! This is a good-looking and lightweight band that is comfortable to wear while sleeping.

Fitness is not everything about physical fitness but also includes mental health. In this pandemic, many people are affected by stress. This amazing smart band gives stress rates but there is no surety about the perfection of this smart band on stress rating. It can also measure other necessary health parameters like blood oxygen level SpO2 reading and many more.

Overall, when it comes to fitness and health this brand new  Mi Smart Band 6 fulfills all the criteria. It also acts as a smartphone companion as it offers notifications too. No doubt the display of this smartwatch is too small to glance at the messages but you can easily pick up the calls and respond when busy with work.

Mi claims that’s the smartwatch offers a long battery back up and yeah it’s almost true as on a test, this band lasted for seven days on a single charge on wearing 24×7 hours at full brightness. No doubt overall, this is a very good smart band that comes with lightweight materials, water resistance, and amazing quality but one main concern of this watch according to experts is that how quickly the display of this smartwatch will scratch. As there is no such protection for the watch’s display you have to take off the watch in terms of scratch.

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