Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 feature a micro SD card slot?

When it comes to a smartphone the MicroSD card slot feature is always crucial for some users, yet while it was once normal on Android phones comprising Samsung ones it’s now becoming gradually erratic, so you might justifiably be speculating whether the Samsung Galaxy S22 will come with a microSD card slot or not?

Having a microSD card slot means that you can enlarge the storage outside what’s manufactured in, which can be very beneficial, as you might find you eventually need additional storage than you guess when you buy a handset, or you might not want to occupy big on the top storage capacity model, or merely need more storage than it’s even conceivable to get.

Yet there are some disadvantages too, counting MicroSD card storage often being gentler and less dependable, and the slot itself taking up space that could be used for other components.

That’s maybe why numerous firms no longer provide them, but will Samsung with the Galaxy S22? While we can’t be convinced just however we have a very decent indication of the response, so read on to find out.

Samsung Galaxy S22


Samsung Galaxy S22’s situation with microSD cards

Observing Samsung’s history, it doesn’t appear probable that any model in the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will have a microSD card slot.

No phone in the Samsung Galaxy S21 range has a microSD card slot, and nor does the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. That said, this was a fresh modification, as every phone in the Samsung Galaxy S20 range does comprise a microSD card slot, as do most older Samsung phones.

So it’s probable that Samsung would go back to proposing one, but normally when a feature like this is removed it stays disappeared, particularly as the entire industry is trending in this way.

What do the leaks and rumours say?

So far, no leaks propose that any phone in the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will have a microSD card slot. With the smartphones not anticipated to land until January or later, there’s still time for microSD rumours to arise, but it’s not considering hopeful.

That, attached with the absence of such a slot in the Galaxy S21 range, means it’s very improbable that the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will contain a microSD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 need a microSD card slot?

So the Samsung Galaxy S22 perhaps won’t have a microSD card slot, but here is the question, does it really need one? Apparently, that’s individual, but rumours point to their existence the same amounts of storage as in the Samsung Galaxy S21 range.

That means 128GB or 256GB in the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, and 128GB, 256GB or 512GB in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

For most individuals, those highest sizes will undoubtedly be sufficiently, exclusively in the case of the 512GB Galaxy S22 Ultra, but there will be those who need even more.

It’s a disgrace too that if these leaks are true the basic models topmost out at a much inferior level than the Ultra, that none of them has been enhanced on the S21 range, and that no one of them can tie the 1TB of storage provided by the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

No doubt 1TB is really an amount of storage where you could make a considerable squabble for a microSD card being unnecessary. But then you wage a lot for these higher storage capabilities, so a microSD card slot could still at the slightest be an inexpensive choice particularly if you now have a spare microSD card.

So in those scenarios the Samsung Galaxy S22 range possibly could do with a microSD card slot, even yet it maybe won’t get one, and most of the people perhaps wouldn’t use it if it did.

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6 thoughts on “Will the Samsung Galaxy S22 feature a micro SD card slot?”

  1. For me it is not (only) the size of the memory – it is the time I need to store 150.000 picture and film files on the smartphone. When I buy a new smartphone I need 1 week (ONE WEEK) to copy the folders with the files into the internal storage of the smartphone. With a storage card I need 2 hours!!!
    I tried everything in the last 5 years (with the help of Apple and Samsung) – with Apple iPhone (10 and 10 S Max) and with Samsung Galaxy S10+, S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra). With the iPhones I had no chance at all – that was the reason to change to Samsung Galaxy S. S10+ and S20 Ultra had a storage card – the S21 Ultra not. I HOPE, the S22 Ultra will have a storage card again. Samsung already changed to No card and back to card – from Galaxy 6 to 7.

  2. I am strongly FOR the microSD card slot – as a wildlife photographer I store many photos on my cell-phone & copy/delete via card reader at home is a hell faster. Also downloading photos directly from my camera to the cell-phone while taking them (sometimes backup & better view options). Plus music & movies OFC. Now I do have 128 GB cell-phone + fast 512 GB memory card inside (hopelessly full). I looked forward new model with SD card slot (wanted to buy 1 TB card ASAP), but all these new models from S21 time are just useless for me… I do still consider the card slot as one of the most important specs (OFC internal storage, RAM, etc.), you don´t have to use it, BUT there´s an option to enlarge the capacity… unless ULTRA models will have at least 1 TB internal, no meaning to buy a Samsung (I am a dedicated fan though) – BUT still, memory card can be filled & copied a lot faster via card reader, which is a lot better than just a cable or else.

  3. Fairly certain the note 20 ultra does actually have a microSD card slot. I just removed it from mine to put it back into my old note 8.

  4. I won’t buy another Samsung phone without the MicroSD. Only greed is behind this decision, hopefully next year they will include one so I can upgrade my Note 10+.


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