What Are The Best Disney Movies For Family Night?

The Walt Disney Company changed the film industry in 1937 with an animated film dubbed snow white and the seven dwarfs. The studio has since dropped more than 450 movies into the hearts of its fans, including hand-drawn classics, computer-generated masterpieces, live-action adventure films, and everything between. There’s a wide selection of classics, both old and new, as well as films that appeal to people of all age groups. They are even some of the top animated films ever made. One thing you can count on is a wonderful evening with your family.

With Disney’s vault being opened up with Disney+, many options are now available for having a fun-filled family movie night. How do you begin? We dug deep into the Disney catalog and compiled the top must-see films for your next family movie evening. However, to make sure your night turns out just the way you planned you need to see your internet connection. Is it running smoothly? If your connection isn’t fast you might experience serious glitches, therefore you must always have a reliable internet connection like CenturyLink. It provides excellent speed and packages. So call CenturyLink Customer Service and get your internet plan today!

With that sorted, let us look into the movies we have gathered for you.

Toy Story

Rated G

Toy Story is the film that captured the hearts of millions of millennials. We meet Andy in this hilarious, heart-warming, and overall fantastic Disney story (albeit only briefly). The main attraction is Andy’s toys that come to life when he goes out of the room. Andy is never without his right-hand man Woody; however, when he gets an action figure of an astronaut, Buzz Lightyear, takes a bit of time for both toys to get their share of the spotlight.


Rated G

Rats can cook. This hilariously funny film about a young, ambitious rodent called Remy (charmingly recorded by Patton Oswalt), who hopes to be a master chef, is clever, witty, and pleasantly moral and convincing. Who doesn’t like Linguini (voiced by Lou Romano), an unlucky human moppet yet an amazing chef? Can they win over the Snow White-chic villain, an impulsive food critic named Anton Ego (Peter O’Toole)? We are not going to make it any easier for you who don’t know the outcome of this delightfully unexpected Pixar masterpiece.


Rated as PG

Up is much more than the famous opening sequence, which will have even the most hard-core viewer crying. It’s a masterclass of emotional storytelling. When widower Carl’s home turns into a skyscraper, Up transitions into an exciting adventure filled with exotic locations, talkative (and the ability to fly!) animals, colorful birds, and a very determined boy Scout. Do you want to see more when the credits are over? Disney+ recently released a short series focusing on dogs known as Dug Days.

Finding Nemo

Rated as PG

Like many kids, Nemo can be somewhat stubborn. His father warns him not to be cautious when swimming, yet Nemo always seeks independence. When the fish disappears in the ocean and comes across a big white named Bruce on the route, he discovers that his dad might be able to tell him something or two that he doesn’t! It’s not always a bad idea to listen to your dad.

Inside Out 

Rated as PG

Inside Out a Studio, known for manipulating emotions, they have created a film about emotions that represents them. Through a deep dive into the mind of a tween girl, Pixar re-imagines the possibility of an unintentional assault on our heartstrings. It comes up with a hilarious, stunning tribute to the elements that make humans (or, at one time, cats). Be assured that, yes, there will be tears through the film, but most of the tears will result from laughter, too.

Lion King

Rated G

Both heartbreaking and adorable, the Disney classic revolves around the young Simba, a lion, and his struggle to rise to the top of the food chain following the demise of his father, Mufasa. It’s akin to Hamlet for children. The animation in this film is the most beautiful of the hand-drawn Disney era, and the songs are timeless.

The Incredibles

Rated as PG

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl have to keep their cool even though no superhero activities are allowed. While they could take the chance to get some relaxation and recreation during their absence, they can’t help but be a bit sloppy in stopping criminals. Sooner or later, they’ll need their efforts again. This top-of-the-line superhero material stands in the same way as Marvel and DC’s finest.


Rated as PG

Like Inside Out, Coco explores the possibility of emotional exploitation. It is, after all, the story of a young boy who returns to his origins in Mexico, the Land of the Dead, while searching for a long-dead music idol. The film is an entertaining, colorful, moving meditation on Mexican traditions and family heirlooms featuring great songs and amazing creatures. A film about death has never felt as alive.


Rated G

Disney’s 2016 fairy tale about princesses, notable for its absence of any kind of prince, adorable or otherwise, is about the fierce Polynesian hero Moana. While she’s still young and naive, she’s given an enormous challenge to save her island from the wrath of a curse. Moana teams up with the legendary demigod Maui to free her island from the blight and restore balance to the ocean. This beautiful fable’s even more captivating due to the timeless songs of Lin-Manuel Miranda.


You surely do not have to be a child to adore all these above-mentioned movies. Such classic movies are just a pleasure. Nevertheless, why wouldn’t they be since they are easy to catch up with and are so fun to watch? Therefore, we hope you clear up your schedules to watch these with your family.

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