US President Joe Biden gets New COVID-19 booster shot after Authorization

On Monday, President Joe Biden received his COVID 19 booster dose, the day after the federal controllers suggested a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine for the American citizens who is 65 or older and approved them for others with pre-existing medical circumstances and high-risk work atmospheres.

“The most crucial thing we need to do is focus on more people vaccinated”, Biden gave the statement before taking the booster shot, he further said that he did not have side effects after his first or second shorts.

Booster shot

Biden received Booster shot on Monday

 Biden who is 78 now, got his first shot on 21st Dec and his second dose three weeks later, on 11th January, with his wife Jill Biden. It was not instantly clear whether the first lady, who is 70 years old would also receive the booster shot on Monday.

Biden told reporters on Friday after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration authorized the Pfizer booster that, it’s very hard to admit that I am over 65, but I will be getting my booster dose.

Biden appeared as a conqueror of booster doses in the summer, as the U.S. get a sharp rise in coronavirus cases from the more transmissible delta variant, while the massive mainstream of the cases remains to arise among unvaccinated people, controllers keen to evidence from Israel and early studies in the U.S. showing that safety against so-called revolution case was hugely enriched by a third dose of the Pfizer shot.

But the forceful American push for boosters, before many poorer nations have been capable to offer even a little of protection for their most susceptible populations, has drawn the fury of the World Health Organization and some aid groups, which have called on the U.S. to stop third shorts to free up supply for the global vaccination effort.

Last week, Biden said that the U.S. was purchasing another 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine for a total of 1 billion over the coming year to donate to poor or needy countries.

Vice President Kamla Harris, 56, also received the Moderna vaccine, for which federal regulations have not yet approved boosters but next week the approval may come! Regulators are also guessing data regarding the safety and effectiveness of a booster for the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot shortly.

Now almost 2.66 million Americans have received boosters’ doses of the Pfizer vaccine since mid-August, according to the CDC. Till now more than 100 million Americans have been fully vaccinated the Pfizer shot. U.S. regulators suggested taking the boosters at least six months after the second shot of the starting two-dose series.

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