These Microsoft Teams updates will be music to your ears

Microsoft has presented additional details regarding the steps it is taking to develop the quality of video meetings in Teams, from both a technical and user experience viewpoint.

In a blog post, the firm emphasised a sequence of features newly announced to Teams and also declared upcoming accompaniments to the association platform.

For Instant, Microsoft utters that the overview of background noise suppression to calls has occasioned in 31% weakening in noise-related objections. Already accessible via the Teams desktop clients, contextual noise suppression is set to roll out for iOS quickly although there has been no mention of Android support.

High fidelity Music mode of Microsoft  

The firm also took the occasion to dash on the innovative high-fidelity music mode, which enhances Teams for music playback as contrasting to discourse. Conferring to the blog post, Microsoft is set to proclaim additional functionality that “permits handlers to augment sound for music, enactments and media” within the next few weeks.

Finally, Microsoft Teams users now profit from a series of reflex modifications and signals deliberate to limit conference interruptions.

For example, Teams now repeatedly mutes the microphones of anyone that attains late to a meeting, and if the platform senses somebody has inadvertently muted either their speakers or microphone, it will aid up attention.


Microsoft Teams call quality  

As Microsoft clashes with assistances from the likes of Google, Slack and Zoom, the company is looking to make a number of small optimizations to exploit effectiveness and modernise the user experience.

The approach will be two-pronged, comprising of fresh features that will improve innovative functionality to the Teams podium and behind-the-scenes changes considered to progress performance.

“As more groups adopt Microsoft Teams, the most common customer response we hear narrates to amplified effectiveness and efficiency from permitting more competences and workflows completed a consolidated practise. When colleagues, apps, and data come organized in Teams, it unlocks new openings to join and cooperate,” wrote Microsoft.

“With the growth of virtual meetings and fusion work suitable the new standard, the superiority of calling and meeting involvements on Teams develops that much more significant. We’re devoted to continuing developments to Teams audio and video quality, through user-facing features and settings, to pioneering codecs and AI.”

Though Microsoft has persisted uncommunicative with favours to specifics, the company has assured to deliver solid info in the coming weeks.  So what’s your point of view on the Microsoft Teams update? Let us know in the comment section.

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