Apple’s macOS Monterey update appears to be bricking some Intel Macs

If you were thinking about upgrading your MacBook or iMac to Apple’s just launched macOS Monterey (also known as macOS 12), you may want to ruminate allotment off for the time of existence, as a rising number of handlers are cranky of bricked Mac computers ensuring the update.

As cognisant by Mac Rumors, a substantial number of users on Apple Support Groups are the outcome that their Macs turned off during the macOS Monterey updating procedure and then would not boot up further.

One user said that “I was updating my MacBook Pro from 2018 and it was doing well until the screen abruptly turned black and now it won’t turn on,” resounding the same experience as many others in Apple’s forums.

The users’ stories suggest the problem is only happening on Intel-based Macs, meaning all computers which aren’t powered by Apple silicon are in danger.

The macOS Monterey up-gradation issue trails a related problem that ensued last year, which exaggerated users upgrading to macOS Big Sur.


How to fix a bricked MacOS?

As with any severe Mac issue of this kind, the best decision is often to take your bricked MacBook, iMac or Mac mini to the Genius Bar at your nearest Apple Store.

Though, if you’re pleased to do slight troubleshooting on your own, conferring to one user in Apple Support Communities, they accomplished to fruitfully recover a bricked Intel-based Mac by using another Mac running that’s was already running the updated operating system.

The procedure includes running Apple Configurator 2 and using this to update the firmware on the bricked Intel-based Mac’s T2 Security Chip. As most folks are improbable to have another updated Mac on hand, Apple’s Genius Bar team will be well-capable to do this for you.

A solid word of cautionary is in order too, as if the restoration process is ineffective, you may need to use Apple Configurator 2 to reinstate your Mac, which will regrettably wipe out your internal flash storage. So have you tried to upgrade your macOS till now? If yes, share your experience and points of view with us in the comment section.

Our advice is to make sure you’ve backed up your Mac to an external drive using Time Machine before attempting the macOS Monterey update.

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