The New ‘Rain Sound’ in iOS 15 Is Way More Than Just a Relaxation Tool

With every software update, Apple issues come packed with fresh and enhanced features designed to assist users to get more out of their iPhones, and iOS 15 is no exclusion. But possibly the most valuable among the passionately anticipated features is that iOS 15 offers an innovative getup of accessibility selections for users with flexibility, version, hearing and cognitive disabilities.

Rain Sound

Background sounds like Rain Sound really helpful

One ultimate new feature that has users particularly jazzed is a set of background sounds personalized for neurodivergent people who find them valuable in assisting to retain concentration, maintain a self of calm and minimize distractions. Apple has given users six different kinds of sounds they can play on in their background: balanced noise, bright noise, dark noise, stream, ocean and rain.

For those who are questioning how to enable the new background noise feature in iOS 15, here we are going to give you an easy step by step guide: Tap Settings, then Accessibility. Find Hearing, then select Audio/Visual. Tap background Sounds. Under the Sound tab, select the ambient noise you want to listen to.

Apple claims that the new sounds continuously play in the background to cover undesirable environmental or external sounds and the sounds mix into or bend under other audio and system sounds.

As we previously reported, the improved accessibility features don’t stop there: Apple’s latest operating system now supports bi-directional hearing aids in its Made for iPhone hearing devices program, and also adds support for recognizing Audiograms-Charts that demonstrate the results of a complete hearing test- to headphone Accommodations. For low-vision communities, Voice Over, which was newly updated to comprise image descriptions, will now be even improved a lot in giving details about the people, data, text and other objects within images.

Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director of global accessibility policy and initiatives said in a statement that – “At Apple, no doubt we felt that the world’s best technology should respond to everyone’s needs, and our teams work persistently to build accessibility into everything we make”. Further said- “With these advanced and new features, we are pushing the boundaries of modernisation with next-generation technologies that carry the fun and function of Apple technology to even more people- and we can’t wait provide them with our beloved users”.

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