The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could get its own version!

We have been hearing regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series for a while, mostly for the reason that we anticipated them months ago, and we have just overheard about some of the cases and accessories that might go on sale distinctly.

It’s fairly an authorized source we are hearing this from: a small online UK vendor called Box has added listings for numerous cases for the three schedules in the family: there is a Tab S8 Protective Cover, Tab S8 Plus protective cover, Tab S8 Ultra protective cover, Tab S8 Ultrabook cover and Tab S8 Ultra keyboard cover.

Though we don’t now know what these cases do, all those covers are not for the protection? Is a ‘book cover not protective?  But the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s Keyboard Cover isn’t precisely unclear.

This resonances like the Smart Keyboard Folio you can buy together with iPad Pro models which all of it as a case, a stand, and a keyboard, turning the tablet into a slightly efficient machine.

It’s possibly the finest accessory you can purchase for your iPad, joint with the Apple Pencil, but going by instance we would assume Samsung’s tablet to come with its own premium stylus in the box.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

No images are involved with the listings, and there are no specifications or sizes either, however, we do get an overall awareness of the values of these accessories. You can see the UK prices included with the listings, as well as conversions.

Device Case Type UK price US Conversion AU Conversion
Galaxy Tab S8 Protective Cover £38.99 $51 AU$72
Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Protective Cover £47.99 $64 AU$89
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Protective Cover £58.99 $78 AU$110
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Book Cover £73.99 $98 AU$138
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Keyboard Cover £248.99 $330 AU$463

The Price of Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is going to hurt Your Wallet

It noises very much like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is going to be a shockingly exclusive tablet! The kind of tech product that origins you hurt just to see the worth tag.

Rumors recommend it’ll be the major Android tablet we have ever seen, with a screen size hovering around 14 inches, as well as top internals and a solid build, so the device itself could be super costly.

Overall, this keyboard protection is bizarrely overpriced. In the UK, the corresponding for the iPad Pro is £50 (about $66, AU$93) inexpensive, and given Apple products are usually more exclusive in the UK.

The price difference could be even more in the US and Australia. That is definitely a strange overturn of the ‘Apple Tax’, which commands those goods from the fruit firm are usually more exclusive than matching twins from competitors.

So, if you are one of them who want the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a keyboard cover.

you could be paying extra and that too huge money, and that’s before you start to download the application, buy a prolonged warranty, add extras like a screen guard or a Galaxy SmartTag in case you misplace the thing, etc.

Overall, you can say, buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with all the essential add-ons will be expected to cost you an immense amount.

You better start saving, and make sure the several peripherals you will need are on several Christmas and birthday lists for the predictable forthcoming, if you want to use the thing.

So, what’s your point of view on this new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra? Do you love to use its extra accessories? Feels free to share your view on it in the comment section and keep visiting our website for further updates on this new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

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