Oppo announces Air Glass ‘assisted reality’ device!

Now its almost has been ten years since we saw Google Glass for the very first time. However, such a product was apparent as something from the upcoming, it never took off to land with customers. Rather, the Google Glass still be present, only for inventiveness.

Today, Oppo showed its AR glass, called Oppo Air Glass at Oppo Inno Day 2021. However, there is nothing out of the box about the glass. It looks like Oppo has strategies to ship it to customers, like an accessory rather than revolving it into a device intended for experts and enterprises only.

The firm put fairly a lot of effort into sustaining the weight and size of the Oppo Air Glass. Oppo Air Glass weighs only 30 grams so it’s really lightweight to wear, over a steady pair of glasses. Though you won’t be able to wear it over just any glasses one can wear it over frames with two precise sizes.

Air Glass

Oppo Air Glass Features

Oppo Air Glass is proficient in viewing notifying on the lens in front of the right eye using a microLED display that can have the highest brightness of up to 1400 nits. Oppo has used its own small but influential Spark Micro Projector to display up the whole thing on the dual sapphire crystal glass. The microLED is small but so influential that it can have the highest brightness of up to 3 million nits.

Oppo Air Glass is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 SoC, which permits it to be smart and associated. So, it can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS while housing speakers and microphones as well. The glass can be controlled via the touchpad on the side and also through hand motions and weirdly, by stirring the head. For instance, to view notifications, one can just nod their head down a while to view notifications, and to clear notifications, shuddering the head will just work satisfactorily.

Air Glass

But, using an Oppo Watch via simple hand actions and the touchpad as well, users can regulate it and there is voice control as well. It can display info and assist users with normal tasks like inspecting the calendar for events, checking out the weather, and navigation while they are biking. One more thing. It can become a mini teleprompter as well.

The most exciting part was when Oppo showed off how it can interpret speech, convert it into text and decode everything in real-time. As of now, it can decode from Chinese to English, but the firm spokesperson previously proclaimed that it would support Korean and Japanese as well.

Availability and Pricing

Air Glass

As per the official report, this Air Glass will available for sale in the first quarter of 2022. It will first be available for sale in  Mainland China. But there is no word on pricing. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that the pricing would be reasonable. Since Oppo is trying to deliver the product to normal consumers. It will be available in two different variants of colors like White and Black.

So, what’s your view on this brand-new upcoming Air Glass? Do you like all the features of this glass? Let us know in the comment section. Keep visiting our website for further updates on this super hyped Air Glass from Oppo.

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