Susan Powell disappearance-Father joins private search in Utah desert

Susan Powell disappearance and missing news was a big surprise for several people and it’s still a mystery that needs to resolve soon. According to the report, Susan Powell was last seen more than 12 years ago which is a long period of time but time is not bothering her father and till now he is not giving up the search for Powell, or her remains.

Susan Powell disappearance
Susan Powell disappearance

Susan Powell disappearance father visited a privately funded search

Father of Susan Powell Chuck Cox from Puyallup, visited a privately-funded search of an uninhibited mine in Utah’s West Desert this week.

In a recent interview with CNN affiliate FOX 13 IN Salt Lake City, on Wednesday Cox gave a statement that “The probability is pretty low that we are going to find something. But on the other hand, she’s still out there somewhere,”

He further said that “it’s a sacred sign and I am extremely thankful that they are doing it for my daughter and just grateful that people are still looking for Susan”.

Susan Powell was reported missing in December 2007. According to the report, her husband Josh Powell gave a statement to detectives that he was not at home the night Susan was last seen.

Her husband further said that he with his two little young boys Braden and Charlie had been camping in the Utah desert, in spite of snow being in the forecast.

The story of Susan Powell disappearance became a piece of national news and got viral within a few days. A month later Powell and the boys moved to Puyallup to live with Powell’s father, Steven Powell.

Susan Powell disappearance
                  Susan Powell disappearance

In August of 2011 detectives attended a search warrant at Powell’s home in Washington state.

Based on evidence investigators said they found at the scene, Steven Powell was under arrest on child pornography charges.

The state took safekeeping of the boys from Josh Powell. He was only permissible to see his sons on visits with public administration.

Surprisingly In February of 2012, Josh Powell slew himself and the two boys. Detectives resolute he hit the boys with axes before setting the home on fire. All three bodies were revealed in the home.

Jury members found the state was neglectful in how it handled the Powell case. The Cox family was bestowed $98 million in damages. Susan Powell disappearance is still a mystery do you think it will resolve one day? To know more such news and further updates keep visiting our website.


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