Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn sued for allegedly offer bad health advice

A famous American fitness influencer is taking legal action in a Texas court over claims she cheated clients and offered “bad health advice” to women with eating disarrays.

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn Davis, who has over 464,000 followers on Instagram, started marketing health and wellness packages in 2014 and started her business Brittany Dawn Fitness LLC.

Now Davis is facing a $1 million amidst rights she provided “cardio exercises and low-calorie macronutrient recommendations that would only be suitable for someone who wanted to lose weight, not put it on”, according to the popular news channel Dallas Morning.

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn
Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn

Conferring to the complaint, fitness influencer Brittany dawn was communicated by at least 14 women with eating syndromes and each of the women allegedly requested the influencer for instruction and assistance in recovering.

According to the suit “Davis posted videos on YouTube clearing up that she overcame her eating disorder via exercise and healthy eating,”

“In that same social media post, she then gave links to her fitness and nutrition plans. Consumers anecdotal from Defendant’s videos and links to her website that she had distinct training to resolve eating disorders.”

Fitness influencer Brittany dawn also allegedly assured to offer customized individual fitness plans to customers paying hundreds of dollars per month for her service.

Nevertheless, conferring to the suit, “the online nutrition and fitness plans carried were not individualized,” and Davis “also unsuccessful to deliver the assured coaching and check-ins.”

The complaint entitlements Davis sent clients basic messages such as “You have got this babe!” and “That’s My Girl. You are truly killing it!”

She is also a respondent of accusing “shipping fees” for digital goods.

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn
                                                     Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn suspected misconduct was initially exposed in 2019 when hopeless clients hooped together in a Facebook group titled “Brittany Dawn Fitness Complaints”

In 2019, Davis forwarded an upset regret message on YouTube and said she had “done a big mistake… I’m sorry”.

The influencer has meanwhile defuncted the fitness industry and now post on social media about religious conviction after becoming a born-again Christian.

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn has not so far openly spoken regarding the litigation, though a message on her Instagram bio reads: “letting God turn my mess into my message”. So, what’s your point of view on such so-called fitness social media freak influencers. To know such amazing news updates keep visiting our website.

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