Short Supply of Santa Throughout the Country Because of Covid

With Christmas approaching, concerns are rising about who is going to play Santa for the children as all the older men are at a higher risk of contracting the virus. So, Short Supply of Santa Throughout the Country has resulted  Because of Covid. In such a situation, close contact with the kids could prove to be harmful to the Santa as many children have not gotten vaccinated because of the various misinformation spreading through social media.

Short Supply of Santa

According to a report made by the wall street journal, the United States is running out of Santas, which would result in disappointments of the children as well as adults throughout the country. With the depressing ongoing situation of COVID 19, everyone is excited for Christmas to put off and take some time off of worries, but with Short Supply of Santa, Christmas might not feel like Christmas.

People who were a good fit for Santa resigned from their jobs because of the threat of COvid 19

contraction and serious effects. As old and heavier men are more affected by covid, They will not come forward to play Santa. Customers are requesting Santas and are willing to pay anything to have Santa for the Christmas event.

Like every other year, families, especially children, are excited to meet Santa Claus, but it seems like this year their wishes might not be granted as many are not willing to play Santa Claus anymore. And those who are willing do not fit in the category of Santa, so the country is in short supply. Without Santa, Christmas might lose its holiday festive spirit.

The staff agency’s Head Elf Mitch Allen of the Hire Santa mentioned that the Santa clause has a major concern of making close contact with unvaccinated children. They are saying that unless vaccination is done and safety is guaranteed, they are not willing to do this. “If people are not responsible enough to get themselves and their children vaccinated, then there is no point of us risking our lives just to make them happy,” said one of the Santa Clause at the Hire Santa.

Very few Christmas events with Santa clause offer social distancing. It is very unlikely to expect no contact at these events. People who want to hire Santa said they are struggling to find one, and even if they have found one, they fail to convince them to make close contact with children.

Allen reported that in comparison to the last year’s stats, the Santa clause is in higher demand with a one hundred and twenty-one percentage point rise in requests for Santa, but only about fifteen percentage points of the Santa Clause have agreed to play the role.

Susan Mesco from the Hire Santas said that she had never seen customers being turned away in her thirty-nine years of work with the Santa industry. She said she got a call recently from a customer who was very excited and willing to pay anything just to have Santa Clause show up on her country club, but she had to turn her offer down as no one was willing to risk it.

Christina Casella, who is a development chief officer for the nonprofit San Antonio Youth, said that she tried so hard looking through social media by putting up ads and posts for Santa Clause volunteers who were to present at different locations, but no one was willing to volunteer.

The volunteers can reject the offer, but the staff of their company can not. She mentioned that if nothing works out, then As part of her backup plan, we will have to request our staff to play the role of Santa Clause as Christmas can not be celebrated without Santa Clause.

Not just Santa clause but also the other laborers are in short supply as many of them are sick and many are not willing to risk their health. Because of this, their many labor sectors are in shortage, and companies, hospitals, and truckling, etc., are suffering.

Most recently, in the month of September, a Dunkin’ donut branch was shut down because there was no staff to work in Colorado. Twelve members of the staff left their jobs, so they only left with three people to deal with the customers, which was not possible.

Businesses around the world are badly suffering from fewer laborers. For example, In one of the restaurants in Arkansas, the restaurant owner mentioned that he was even giving extra hour pay to one of the student employees to do both his homework and work at the restaurant. He could not risk sending him home because of the shortage of labor, which would have proved to be a huge loss for their restaurant.

Some companies, as a nice gesture, are using Thanking robots. These robots are built up in such a way that they automatically pick up a pen to write a note of Note for the employees and even write them holiday cards. These cards can be made with custom messages in them. This is such a beautiful gesture by the companies to provide the employees with a little happiness in hours of higher workload.

“Our goal is to make the employees feel appreciated for providing their services to us and sticking with us through covid generated tough times,” said Rosalin, manager at one of the restaurants in Alexandria.

This situation of the running out of laborers is serious and needs undivided attention. There needs to be a solution, or else the companies will soon shut down, and the economy will fall, causing a bad and long-term effect on the United State’s economy.

The most efficient solution to these ongoing problems is getting yourself vaccinated and your children too.

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