COVID Deaths Surge in Romania; Morgue Hospital Strives

Bucharest hospitals are full of covid patients and dead bodies lying all over the hospital with no place to store them anymore. COVID Deaths Surge in Romania, The nation has seen bad effects because of the coronavirus, and if it’s not controlled, then the whole nation might sweep under the covid 19 threat.

In the central and the eastern European nations, Romania has been the most affected by the covid.COVID Deaths Surge in Romania. THERE has been a huge number of deaths reported throughout the country. The reason for these serious effects is no vaccination. Very few people in Romania and the whole of western Europe have been vaccinated. More vaccinations are needed to bring the situation under control.

Romania’s condition has been so bad the past month that the World Health Organization WHO had to order a team of doctors to be sent to Romania to fight covid. With Romania still facing the highest death rate among all the other European nations, the doctors are overburdened and are struggling to provide treatments.

Dr. Catalin Cirstoiu, who is the head of the Bucharest University Emergency Hospital, said that the situation is so critical there that nearly every day, there is a village that vanishes because of covid caused deaths. If no solution is found, then eventually, it will get worse, taking over larger villages, cities and it won’t stop.

The total European union vaccination average is recorded to be 75 percentage points. Out of this, only 40 percentage points of Romania’s population have gotten their immunization. This is caused by the low vaccination rate, suggests the researchers.

The reason behind such low percentages of vaccinations is that people do not trust the government. Because of these trust issues generated from different sources like the anti-vaccine movements, they are refraining from getting vaccinated.

Cirstoiu said that as long as the population does not agree to get vaccinated, we can not help them. THE COUNTRY’s finances are exhausted, and there are not many resources left to provide for patient care. Vaccination is the only solution to fight this.

He further said that the fourth wave exists because the people have not gotten themselves vaccinated. If at least 70 to 75 percentage points of the population had been vaccinated, we could have fought Covid.

Everywhere in the hospital, you will see plastic sheets partitioning the patients. Even the waiting areas, Emergency rooms, and wards are full of patients. There are days when the hospital is already packed with patients; then, the incoming patients are made to wait on stretchers in the corridors as there is no place or doctors available.

On Monday, a lot of serious patients with oxygen masks were seen in the hospital, lying helplessly waiting for help to arrive. Doctors were in their protective gears rushing here and there in order to help their patients.

On Nov 2, When the Covid 19 death rate hit five hundred and ninety-one, 90 percentage points of the people were unvaccinated. This was the peak of death rate Romania got to. Now, it has decreased thanks to vaccinations. One thousand eight hundred seventy patients are suffering from severe and serious symptoms of covid right now, and from the onset of this disease, it has been reported that almost fifty-one thousand people have lost their lives.

Authorities are doing their best that they can to fight off covid by making masks compulsory with mandatory vaccination cards and certificates for gyms, workplaces, schools, malls, food places, and other routine places that people visit. Throughout the country, a 10 pm curfew has been implemented.

Romania could not still make people get vaccinated. This was visible from the reopening of schools. As soon as the schools opened, the conditions were noticed to worsen so quickly, classes were shifted online, and no more on-campus classes were allowed.

Cirstoiu called the covid wave as “wave of the unvaccinated.” He said that we could not entirely blame the population. The government needs to play its part in introducing healthy vaccines with strong and powerful campaigns and other ways that will prove to be effective in convincing people to get themselves vaccinated.

On Tuesday, four hundred and eighty-seven patients affected with Covid 19 lost their lives within the 24 hours period, which was overwhelming and heartbreaking to watch, the doctors said. On the other hand, The curfews and strictness and proved to be effective, and there has been a decrease in covid cases very slightly, but the need for vaccination still stands. The point Romania has reached can only be fought off through proper vaccination of its citizens.

The head of the university clinic’s morgue, Dr. Maria Sajin reporting the situation at the hospital, mentioned that last week thirty-five people with covid were losing their lives in a single day. On Monday, the number reached 14. ten people lose their lives on average in our hospital. E” even though the number has seen a slight decline, I am afraid the cases will rise again,” she said.

Every day the health care workers have to see patients come into the hospital in pain, their loved ones by their sides worried sick, and the staff is working day and night tireless to treat these patients. You hear cries every day when people lose their lives, You see people carry their loved ones to their death bed, You see the pain and worry in everyone’s eyes, said the doctors. “it is heart wrecking to not be able to save your patients and to see such a sight.”

Sajin, who is a nurse at the Morgue hospital said that when families come in, and we ask them questions, they seem to have no clue about how the patient could have contracted the virus; they seem confused and worried because they thought they are going to be just fine without the vaccination. Making them understand the importance of vaccination is a huge challenge; a lot of people do not understand.

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