Severe Symptoms in Children Reported after Months of Initial COVID Infection

Covid 19 has brought financial and health crises to our world. Previously it was only adults, especially people of older age groups, who were under threat from Coronavirus, but with the recent events, Severe Symptoms in Children reported.

Severe Symptoms in Children After COvid Infection

A little girl of about fourteen years old named Madison was infected with COvid 19, and after ten months of her infection, she is showing severe symptoms. She is facing difficulty in breathing to overcome which she has to use an inhaler almost every day. Her lungs seem to be badly affected by Covid, so she is being treated at the children’s hospital of the University of Michigan.

She stated that she is scared because it is hard for her to breathe. She feels like her heart is racing, and her lungs need huge quantities of air. No matter how much she breathes in, her lungs still feel empty and in need of air.

This aftereffect of Covid 19 that Madison is facing is called long haul covid symptom. This effect is only seen in children till now and is being studied deeply in a clinic.

The United Kingdom also agreed to the long haul effect. The UK said that Covid 19, after several months of the initial infection, impacts one in every seven children. The symptoms of this effect include shortness of breath, headache, lung issues, fatigue, and anxiety, etc.

Since this issue has just been discovered, there is not much information yet to state, so it is best to keep following Covid instructions that keep the virus from spreading. By doing so, we can protect these children and the aftereffects of Covid in children as well as adults.

Katharine Clouser also stated that their hospital has also reported such cases in children. They are looking after these kids, but the number seems to be increasing. Clouser, with her team at the Hackensack Meridian Health, has opened up a center that treats the COVID 19 aftereffects symptoms. It is a Covid Recovery center that was set up in New Jersey last spring.

Katharine Clouser mentioned that The symptoms had been noticed to improve over time with proper medications and care, so there is no need to panic. Only about one in seven children will be at risk, and in order to avoid this, the best solution to consider right now will be to get children vaccinated and follow the Covid 19 instructions for preventing the spread of the virus.

It was suggested by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to use the Pfizer vaccine for immunization of kids of age groups five to eleven and make it mandatory as it is completely safe. A lot of parents have been worried about getting their kids vaccinated because of their weak trust in the government, but still, it has been reported that one million kids in this age group have gotten vaccinated with the first dose.

There was another case of Aaron Estrada of age for years who got Covid 19 a year ago. He was Clouser’s patient, and she reported that as a side effect of Covid 19, he had gotten multi-system inflammatory syndrome because of which his ability to stand was gone for a month, and he had a severe hair loss too, with all his hair fallen out.

Since then, a lot of different aftereffects of Covid 19 are being recorded throughout the world, and it is scary because there are still people out there who are not taking responsibility for the situation and getting themselves and their kids vaccinated.

It took Estrada about three months or so to be able to stand on his feet through continuous physical therapy. Till now, it has been twelve months that the doctors are trying their best to recover him. The doctors and Estrada’s parents are hopeful that he will be able to make a full recovery and walk again soon.

He has not yet turned five which is the lowest age required for getting vaccinated, but the doctors are still going to get him vaccinated as his symptoms are a lot severe, and there is no way that the risk of another infected will be taken.

These cases have left everyone in fear. The government has already been telling the people to get vaccinated and take it seriously, but people have been ignoring it. If this keeps on going, God knows what more can happen. There should be proper testing and mandatory vaccinations for everyone to reduce the risk of infection.

Masks should be mandated with restrictions on huge indoor gatherings. Hygiene should be taken care of by everyone. One way to do this is by taking people in trust, and that will only happen if everyone takes responsibility for themselves and suggest or convince their loved ones to get vaccinated for not only their own sake but for the sake of other people and for these little kids like Estrada and Madison.

This is a fight that alone can not be won; we all will have to fight against Covid 19 together as a team. Pfizer vaccine has proved to be safe for children through proper testing and analysis. There is no threat from vaccination, so people should consider getting it.

Government should start campaigns and consider vaccination proof mandatory for entering into the schools, colleges, workplaces, parks, and restaurants, etc. Vaccination centers and COvid 19 testing centers should be set up throughout the country in different schools so that the kids and their parents can both get vaccinated and tested. This is the only effective solution to save everyone from the harmful effects that this deadly virus causes.

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