Anti-Vaccination Communities are Making Up Recipes to Undo the Vaccination

There was a TikTok video that went viral of Dr. Carrie Madej, who explained in her video a hack that explains a way to eliminate covid vaccination from one’s body completely. In this hack, she convinced the audience of getting a bath that would detox them from the Vaccination they had got and also from the harmful effects that Vaccination might bring. This was a whole bunch of misinformation she spread through her social media account.

Recipes to Undo the Vaccination

This bath did not carry any harmful effects, Thankfully, but its relation to Covid treatment was falsely conveyed. It had no advantage in treating covid infact; no homemade DIY treatments are worth trying as they do not help. Her idea of using Epsom salts as radiation detox was a mere fantasy, too, as radiation (which she believes the COVID vaccine gives) can not be removed through it.

She also recommends in her video to add borax which is highly toxic as it is a cleaning agent and has been completely banned. It carries the capability to harm one’s skin and eyes. The best is to not trust social media on sensitive matters, especially health and medication-related things, as anyone can pretend to have knowledge about any topic, and you never know if it is true or a scam.

Angela Rasmussen, who is a virologist, clarifies that it is not possible to undo the Vaccination or remove it from your body. You can not simply take out its effects as it activates the body’s natural defense mechanism.

These cures that most people, especially parents, used are not proven or experimented on before, so using them is way riskier than getting yourself vaccinated and trusting the government. The misinformation that causes these types of incidents is usually that Vaccination is basically injecting heavy metals into one’s body.

People would use magnets to justify these claims, but nothing official or authentic proof has been provided. These anti-vaccination communities or groups advise people to even use supplements, specific diets, and chelations that would prove to be even more harmful than the actual treatment of Covid recommended by the doctors.

This anti-vaccination community is now trying to convince people to get cupping therapy in which suction from the skin is made. According to them, this sucks out the Vaccination from the body.

Rasmussen stated that none of this is true, and none of the mentioned procedures will help will getting the vaccine out of your body. Instead, it would cause more harm to your body because the mRNA vaccines are very fast, and they work as soon as they are injected.

Madej’s video was officially removed from TikTok, but following the trend, other people continued to make versions of this video without understanding the gravity of this situation. These videos have people actually using her recipe and giving reviews about it. Madej made up stories and theories on her own without actual research or authentic proof, and she even refused to comment on this situation.

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