Selena Gomez Signed a New Contract with Univision

  • Selena Gomez signed a new contract with Univision.

For Univision’s upcoming subscription streaming service, Salena Gomez and her production company, July Moon Productions, will produce a true-crime documentary series called Mi Vecino, El Cartel (The Cartel Among Us). Hasbro’s One’s production company, Blackfin, will also produce a series focused on “The Story of a Murder Case That Rocked the Quiet Suburbs of Texas and Launched a Multi-Year International Investigation.”

Making Gomez’s first Spanish series, the program is an enormous streaming investment from Univision, which plans to launch an untitled global subscription streaming product next year after completing a merger with Mexican television giant Televisa. Is part of “We are going enormous with regards to the release of our real-time features,” says Rodrigo Mazon, chief VP and GM of SVOD at Univision. “Our objective and we guarantee to have the broadest contribution of initially delivered Spanish language content on the planet.”

Added Mazon: “Because we need to and will interest the whole 600 million Spanish-talking populace worldwide, we will program about the broadest contribution conceivable as far as sorts and configurations. We need to speak to all ages, all ethnicities, and all preferences, and need to be the forerunner in that space,” Mazon added.

The arrangement with Salena Gomez is outstanding not just because it makes way for a different relationship with the multihyphenate (Salena Gomez delivered the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why), yet in addition since it highlights the significance of the genuine wrongdoing and docuseries sorts, which are viewed as essential spines of streaming.

“We desire to accomplish more with her,” Mazon says, adding, ” Gomez is a Star — there’s presumably no one greater — and she likewise cares very much about lifting Latinx voices and narrating. So the match was awesome. It is a holding and exciting and insane story, so we felt that it would be amazingly intriguing to everybody in the Spanish-talking world and all over the planet to catch wind of it.”

With the Televisa consolidation still under survey, Univision, driven by CEO Wade Davis, has been to some degree obscure with regards to its streaming desires. In any case, it has started to secure arrangements to ensure the substance siphon is prepared for the following year’s dispatch. In October, for instance, the organization inked a streaming-driven contract with entertainer chief Eugenio Derbez and his 3Pas Studios.

“We have built a bond with Eugenio Delves, but we are particularly committed to incorporating the voices and narratives from Latina’s storytellers. It’s also a great story group that does a great job, Serena Gomez. I think it was perfect. It’s an example of someone we needed and can work with now, “says Amazon, whose services include original and library plans from Univision, Televisa, and third-party providers. I added that it would be.

Univision, the significant Spanish-language content and media organization in the United States, reported this Tuesday, December 7, a concur with Selena Gomez to create a series from the hand of his organization July Moon Productions and in coalition with Blackfin.

“We are pleased to invite Selena Gomez to our arrangement of universally eminent makers., which will add to the making of socially significant substance and the best in its group, “said Rodrigo Mazón, chief VP of Univision, in an assertion.

The narrative series recounts the account of the 2013 ruthless murder of Juan Guerrero Chapa, a retired Mexican Gulf cartel lawyer who worked with the US government at a high level.

“I was quickly enthralled when I heard the tale about the homicide of Juan Guerrero Chapa. In addition to the fact that it took place close to my old neighborhood in Texas, however, it was additionally a story dissimilar to anything I’ve at any point heard. ”

Furthermore, she added her relationship with Univision: “I’m extremely energized.”

As indicated by the assertion, “The Cartel Among Us” comprises three sections and investigates how the homicide “uncovered the arms of the Mexican cartels in the United States, just as the conflict between the luxurious existence of Southlake, Texas, and the dull universe of the medication cartels, which stunned the city.”

Because of extraordinary admittance to the investigator in control, comprehensive case documents, and meetings, the series uncovers a family show including guardians, family quarrels, and a hunger for vengeance, notwithstanding the many subtleties that keep on arising right up ’til today as the quest for equity proceeds “, it was expected on the series.

As per the examination by the principal legal officer’s office, Guerrero Chapa was killed on the evening of May 22, 2013, when he was shopping with his significant other in a public spot in Southlake.

Guerrero Chapa was the legal counselor for the previous head of the Gulf Cartel Osiel Cárdenas, who was caught in 2003 by Mexican specialists, removed to the United States in 2007, and condemned in 2010 to 25 years in jail for drug dealing.

Selena Gomez infuriates fans with a joke about her excessive drinking. That clue could be the key to confirming the chemistry between Chris Evans and Selena Gomez. Gomez reveals that she is proud of her work at Disney and that her review was a hoax.

Univision Communications Inc., the primary Spanish-language media and content organization, today reported an association with the stalwart entertainer, artist lyricist, and leader maker Selena Gomez to create her very first Spanish-language series “Mi Vecino, El Cartel” (“The Cartel Among Us”) through her organization July Moon Productions and close by Blackfin (an eOne organization). The genuine wrongdoing narrative series recounts the complicated and fascinating story of a homicide that shook a peaceful rural town in Texas and dispatched a multi-year worldwide examination and will be accessible only on Univision’s new worldwide streaming stage to be released in 2022.

Univision follows the current announcement of a first-look deal with foreign superstar Eugenio Davez, followed by the best Spanish content first produced by today’s most famous and ascertained emerging creators. We continue to strengthen our efforts to provide viewers.

Therefore, Selena Gomez signed a new contract with Univision and acted as her first producer of the Spanish series.

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