PUBG going free could be bad news for Steam Deck and Linux

PUBG is receiving fresh anti-cheat actions along with its transfer to become free-to-play, and there are worries that this could pretty much ruin the probabilities of the shooter at work with the Steam Deck handheld or any Linux OS tiresome to run it through Proton, of course.

PUBG publicized it move to become free at the close of last week although Ranked mode still requires you to come up with some cash, and it makes the change on 12th January 12 for both PC and consoles.

The developers detected that with this shift to free-to-play, the specter of cheaters appears ever higher, as the “need for an operative anti-cheat system is more significant than ever as disqualified accounts can effortlessly and substantially be substituted”, which is definitely a fair point.

Now, back at the start of 2021, PUBG introduced Zakynthos, an exclusive anti-cheat solution, and one which the developers’ claims have assisted them scrapyard 28% more cheaters than the preceding year.

What’s happening nowadays is that Zakynthos is being squeezed up in numerous ways, one of which is the application of kernel drivers, and as Gaming on Linux, which marked this, detects, that’s depraved news. Or it could be.

Mostly because said kernel drivers are applied for Windows, and are approximately that’s probable to demonstrate a serious wrench in the works for Proton, the compatibility layer which the Steam Deck will service to run Windows games on its Linux operating system (SteamOS 3.0).


Let’s anticipation PUBG cheats, who must be disseminated with, don’t cause safety mutilation 

Why the worry over this, you might be thoughtful? It’s just one game, after all. However, it’s an extremely popular game on Steam it’s the third most played game on the platform as we type this, behind CS: GO and Dota 2, and with the move to free, we can suppose its fame to flourishing as people who have never played before getting on board.

When the Steam Deck starts delivering the month after PUBG goes free to play, owners may well guess to be able to try out the battle royale on their sparkly novel hardware.

But formerly we get carried away, that could still occur. PUBG’s fresh anti-cheat drive might cause spikey issues, but Valve may be capable to work around them, possibly the firm has made big promises around supporting anti-cheat tech on the compatibility front, as you may remember.

Or, as the distress is here, these specific kernel drivers could leave Steam Deck owners, and all Linux gamers, out in the compatibility cold; but we don’t know that for certain up till now. There are other doubts around kernel drivers leaving users open to activities or other security damage, too, but with a comprehensive application, that shouldn’t ensue.

Definitely, if the large arrival of free players finds themselves unconditionally owned by obviously cheating opponents, that won’t consent a decent taste in the mouth. So, you can see where the developers are approaching from on tiresome to shore things up in advance of the release of the free game, as it will only get one chance to make a good impression on new PUBG gamers.

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