Pokémon GO Mega Manectric Raid counters for November 2021

Do you love to play Pokémon Go? If yes, then it’s good news for you! The Mega Manectric has returned to the Mega Tier Raid battles in Pokémon GO.

Very few trainers may remember when this Pokémon was in Raid battle revolution back in March. Here and now trainers have a golden opportunity to load up on any Mega energy they might have saved up for long. Mega Manectric has a disagreeably huge Attack stat of 286, so trainers are going to have to be cautious during the battle of this Mega evolution.

Which Pokémon can beat Mega Manectric in the fastest time?

Mega Manectric seems like an Electric-type Pokémon, there’s only one technique to triumph it for super operational damage which is none other than the Ground-type Pokémon.

Usually, any Ground-type with a decent Attack stat should beat Mega Manetric with slight to no problem. Conferring to the Silph Road, though, Mega Manectric is nearly impossible to shatter without any help. Even with two trainers, it’s hard-hitting combat, but it’s only standard exertion for a trio of trainers.

This means that engaging Mega Manectric with three trainers with Ground-types levelled at 35 or above would be a decent plan for triumph. Though any Ground-type works amazingly here, though, there are numerous those trainers might want to arrange.

Mega Manectric

Garchomp, with the Mud-Slap and Earth Power set, is the top-ranked Mega Manectric pledge. Subsequent overdue Garchomp is Rhyperior and Landorus, the latter of which has a faster time to triumph than Garchomp.

In spite of not doing great operative damage, the Pokémon with the reckless time to win against Mega Manetric is Shadow Mewtwo. There are other Pokémon that do remarkably fine compared to Mega Manectric without having a type lead. Mega Gengar makes speedy work of this Raid battle in 716.7 seconds. Regular Mewtwo also has a short time to win.

Most surprising, however, is that Mega Charizard Y beats Mega Manectric in a rapid time despite having a typical drawback. Since it’s Flying-type, Mega Charizard Y is weak to all of Mega Manectric’s Electric moves.

Despite this, though, Fire Spin and Blast Burn can still out damage Mega Manectric. Shadow Ho-oh is alternative Flying-type Pokemon that does exceptional here, but only if it’s fortunate plentiful to get Hidden Power Ground.

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