Niantic Shutting Down Pokémon Go-Inspired Harry Potter Game

Niantic is now giving up on its Harry Potter: Wizards Unite improved genuineness experiment Just two years afterwards it launched, what was fictional to be Pokémon Go for the widespread fantasy series will as a replacement for becoming just a recollection when the game goes down for always-on 31st January 2022.

Meanwhile, Niantic will eliminate the mobile game from the App and Google Play stores on 6th December. It will also proliferation prizes and reduce cooldown times to make the game less grindy in its last days, while residual bosses and events will remain to go live till last January. Any currency, players have already spent in-game, however, will stay there.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s developers wrote in today’s statement that “Players will not be able to obtain a repayment on past purchases, excluding where otherwise mandatory by law,”. “We have a diversity of amusing gameplay deviations during the remaining few months, so you will have the full prospect to relish your residual Gold.”


What about Niantic’s next focus?  

Released in June 2019, Wizards Unite was mostly premised on Niantic’s existing, immensely successful Pokémon Go ARG. Instead of playing as Pokémon trainers, they would play as wizards from one of the four Hogwarts houses, battling monsters and collecting resources in-game as they walked around in the real world.

The free-to-play game was also replete full of optional microtransactions and reaped player data. But not sufficient deceptively. Venture Beat reports that, based on data from mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower, while Pokémon Go finished over $1 billion this year alone, Wizards Unite only conveyed in $40 million.

Niantic, Pokemon Go

As an alternative, Niantic is well-prepared to emphasise its subsequent big digital investigation game: Pikmin Bloom. The association with Nintendo sees players sightseeing the world in search of little flower creatures and serving them blossom into something more, either by walking a bunch or spending on in-app purchases. The firm is also functioning on a Transformers ARG and a cluster of additional projects.

Niantic wrote in a blog post today that “With nine games and apps in our development pipeline, some of which will go into soft launch in 2022, there are many more remarkable worlds that we want to carry to life in fresh and exclusive ways,”.

It’s somebody’s speculation when those worlds will truly come into actuality or whether they can educe Pokémon Go’s lightning in a bottle before being dowsed out again.

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