Next World of Warcraft Update Missing Promised Feature

Over the years, the widespread World of Warcraft MMORPG has had manifold updates in instruction to discourse glitches that seem inside the game. Occasionally, however, a World of Warcraft apprise will have the excellence of life developments that not only fix problems but improve the game’s present state.

World of Warcraft has had many updates that have further added more content and features to the game. Definitely, not every update has functioned out for the paramount, with some either eliminating features players relished or adding some in that made things more challenging. However, new news discloses that the next patch for World of Warcraft will not have an exact feature that was formerly predictable to be involved.

Conferring to a post from Wowhead, the Patch 9.1.5 update for World of Warcraft will not be an accumulation of the feature to bounce the 9.0 Covenant Campaign theme in the game. The post states that the feature was not testable on the PTR and that the Covenant storyline skip won’t be added to the patch this coming Tuesday, November 2. It does add that players can still avoid Chapters 1 and 2 of 9.0 to start Korthia and other 9.1 content, however.

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However, not being capable to skip the 9.0 Covenant campaign will lock players’ appeals out of definite things. This comprises the campaign transmog sets that are usually expected after the implementation of definite chapters, as well as the capability for player characters to advance past Chapter 3 in the 9.1 Covenant storyline. However, in place of the Covenant theme skip, the patch will be tallying a Soulbond skip in its place.

This will permit players to get all three accessible Soulbinds for their selected Covenant in the game as long as they have accomplished the Covenant storyline for their exact agreement at least once on their account. In order to allow the Soulbind skip, players must link a new contract and either whole or skip Chapter 1 of the 9.0 Covenant storyline. When they finish the questline obligatory they to the first Soulbind, the other two Soulbinds will show up by the Forge of Bonds with their respective binding quests as well.

To allow the Soulbind skip, players will need to log in at least once on a character that has previously accomplished the 9.0 Covenant storyline and revealed all three Soulbinds. According to the post, players will still need to finish the full 9.0 narrative for that character to qualify the Patch 9.1 Covenant storyline for Chapter 4 and more. Though, the post adds that players do not need to complete the whole story to accomplish maximum Renown, and says that all players will need is some anima and one of the 9.0 transmog sets for the long-term.

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