The Notepad app is getting a much-needed Windows 11 update

According to an online news leak, one of the most used and loved Microsoft apps is now getting an advancement for the release of Windows 11.

Images of the fresh Notepad app for Windows 11 look to have been posted online and deleted later quickly by a Microsoft employee, screening a significant improvement for an app which usually used by millions of users every day all over the world.

The new updates comprise a fresh command bar and a noteworthy graphical renovation that brings Notepad up to scratch alongside the classy upgrade given to other Windows 11 apps.


Everything about Windows 11 Notepad

The new Notepad interface was already set to see a major revival for Windows 11, not slightest in terms of becoming an uncompelled app for Microsoft’s modern launch.

As per the screenshots of the leaks, the fresh Windows 11 app will be getting almost similar design change to emulate the new platform’s tools, with alike rounded corners on the Window app, menus and pop-up notifications.

The leaked news also seemed to appears that Notepad will be receiving new animations, icons and a dedicated settings page rather than the old interface where the help menu was hidden. The settings page will definitely permit users to select the theme for the application including dark mode, as well as the front setting and definite parts of the file editing involvement permitting more file types to be reachable.


Now, this app is all set to be a distinct Store-based updatable application, with its own section and page on the Microsoft Store, which means now users can download and update this Notepad app whenever they choose and it will also come with some of the new features and modernisations automatically through the Microsoft Store as soon as they are accessible, rather than requiring to wait for fresh add-ons to be hustled with a wider Windows OS update.

Notepad has come routinely installed in Windows since version 1.0 of the operating system was released back in 1985, with WordPad which was also installed establishment in 1995 as a part of the Windows 95 operating system.

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