PUBG: New State Announces Its First Major Post-Launch Update

  • PUBG: New State maker Krafton has launched the first significant update since the game’s launch, with over 45 million downloads globally.

The update is now available for Android and iOS users. Krafton has also introduced a new lobby theme to the game to honor the winter holiday season. A new weapon, weapon customization, and new vehicles have all been added to the game as part of the Survivor Pass Vol. 2 updates, along with a plethora of other modifications and improvements. Here’s a quick review of some of the game’s key features: The following is the current situation, as of the most recent update:

Survivor Pass Vol. 2:

Bella, a participant of the Dream Runners Faction in the game, is the inspiration for the Survivor Pass. Players must complete various story tasks to obtain all of Bella’s clothes. Players may also buy a Premium Pass to gain access to more vehicle skins and character clothing and receive 1,500 NC when they reach Level 48.

New Automobiles:

In PUBG: New State, two new vehicles will be available. On the other hand, the Mesta is a two-seater vintage sports vehicle with rapid acceleration and high speeds. Troi and Training Ground are home to the Electron, whereas Troi, Erangel, and Training Ground are home to the Mesta.

New State Announces Its First Major Post-Launch Update
New State Announces Its First Major Post-Launch Update

Weapon of the Future:

As a result of the update, players may now get the L85A3, a new assault weapon with decreased recoil. The L85A3 has the highest damage output of all the 5.56mm assault rifles while having a slower fire rate than other assault weapons in the game.

Gun Customizations Have Been Expanded:

It may upgrade the M416 with a Long Barrel to boost damage at the cost of higher vertical recoil. A 5.56mm barrel will be available for the SLR, enhancing firing accuracy at the expense of damage.

It may add a Vertical Foregrip Bipod to the new L85A3 assault rifle, which decreases vertical recoil and enables more controlled recoil when crouching or prone. However, the L85A3’s ADS speed is reduced while using the Vertical Foregrip Bipod.

System of Merit Points:

To encourage positive play, a new Merit Point System has been implemented. Players will lose Merit Points if they are reported for bad behavior such as team skills.

Here’s the first look at LEGO’s Overwatch 2 Null Sector Titan 900-piece set:

Today, we’re getting a first peek at a new LEGO Overwatch 2 set. The nearly 900-piece LEGO kit, which includes two unique Minifigures and will be released sometime in 2022, assembles the Null Sector Titan from the next game’s premiere video.

New State Announces Its First Major Post-Launch Update
New State Announces Its First Major Post-Launch Update

Following up on our first news from September, we now look at the planned LEGO Overwatch expansion. According to its name, the construction devotes all of its bricks to constructing the Titan robot. It appears to be quite a massive design, and while no specific proportions have been released, this should be one of an enormous Mecha we’ve seen from the LEGO Group recently. The Overwatch 2 debut video appears to have a lot of well-articulated elements and precise details.

It was unclear in the original report which Minifigures would be included in the collection. Given the set’s high price point and the number of hero redesigns in Overwatch 2, LEGO Group felt like an excellent chance to fill it with new Minifigures. That turned out to be somewhat accurate since the collection does feature two brand-new characters.

Tracer, for starters, has been given a makeover since her brick-built debut in 2019. Then there’s Mei, who is joining the LEGO roster for the first time ahead of Overwatch 2. Snowball, her robotic pal, will also have a printed price, which is a nice touch. This set was likely slated for release in the 2022 LEGO lineup’s January or March waves.

Given the difficulties in getting Overwatch 2 off the ground in the first place, it looks that the LEGO tie-in set is in a similar limbo. According to our source, the Overwatch 2 set would also be part of a new Gaming LEGO theme. The Null Sector Titan’s box art doesn’t imply that the LEGO Group is pushing ahead with that concept; however, each kit in the lineup may get its packaging. By the time we get an official release date for the new set, we’ll have answers to all of these questions.

Deny the reality that the first Overwatch 2 LEGO set misses some of the characters that fans like myself had wanted to see. It seems to be remarkable. When it’s released, I’m excited to see the LEGO Null Sector Titan, but don’t hold your breath for this to happen anytime soon. The LEGO Overwatch 2 lineup and the rest of the 2022 goods will be delayed.

GTA Online’s The Contract Brings More Engaging Content to a Creaking Classic:

Many people are baffled by GTA Online’s durability, which is already in its ninth year and approaching its third console generation. The news that single-player protagonist Franklin Clinton will be returning for a brand-new expansion, on the other hand, went over like a Sparrow being pursued by an Oppressor Mk. II. This is a game where you may create your criminal empire, and The Contract adds a brand new enterprise to manage.

With costs starting at just over GTA$2,000,000, this is a very inexpensive company to enter into. While the payments pale compared to the Cayo Perico Heist, the material is often reasonably outstanding. You can even play as the couple on specific drug-addled side tasks, but we’ll leave it up to you to figure out.

Rockstar’s attention to detail is unsurpassed, as it has always been. You’ll see a particular ex-car girlfriend sitting in the driveway and a kid’s slide in the backyard if you visit Franklin’s house from the single-player campaign.

This type of world-building, the feeling of being a part of a living, breathing place, is a massive part of what makes GTA Online so remarkable – and, based on rumors, that’s likely what we can anticipate from GTA 6 if it ever comes out.

Then, the game’s primary gameplay continues to let it down and is undoubtedly the most compelling reason for a refresh at this time. While you can play most of The Agency solo, the developer has entirely abandoned balancing. One assignment, in which you must take out some Vagos leaders, will have your body armor removed and most of your health drained the moment you emerge from cover. Rockstar has entirely abandoned any playtesting in favor of just hammering you; may be aware that certain players have unbeatable arsenals these days.

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