Everything Know About National Cat Day 2022

National Cat Day takes place in October every year in the United States. Colleen Paige designed it to raise consciousness about the number of cats that require to be saved each and every year. It is a day when individuals praise and honor the presence of their cats. 

Nevertheless, it’s not only a day for people to spoil their furry companions; it’s equally a day to raise awareness about the thousands of cats who are discarded and wind up in shelters each year. It’s a day that has been marked since 2005, which is quite intriguing.

Many of you people do not know that such a day exists. You might be thinking about When is National Cat Day 2022 and how to celebrate National Cat Day! So, now let us find out each and every minute detail about National Cat Day.

What is the significance of National Cat Day 2022?

This day serves as a reminder to offer our furry companions some extra affection and compassion, as well as the significance of neutering and sterilizing your cats to prevent overpopulation and abandonment. Cats make good friends because, like dogs, they are aware of your feelings. Cats are far more energetic than dogs, so get your sneakers set! National Cat Day 2022 is a great opportunity for you to shower your love on your pet cat!

Cats teach us that precisely when you believe they’ve given up on you, they’ll come around and steal your hearts. They’ll eventually let people realize that their entire universe swirls around them, even if they seem to be too preoccupied with peering out the window at approaching automobiles or roaming all-around your adobe. Just be patient. It will strike while you are hardly expecting it. 

Every year, thousands of cats are slaughtered in the United States. Many of them die as a result of being badly mangled on the roads. Colleen Paige intended people to grasp the urgent necessity for people to take notice of how these beautiful little animals’ lives are being suffocated and also what we could do to rescue them. It was founded in order to raise consciousness about the horrors committed towards stray cats.

When is National Cat Day 2022

The 29th of October is marked as National Cat Day 2022 in the United States of America. Here is the list of the Days on which National Cat Day will fall:


Year Date Day
2021 October 29 Friday
2022 October 29 Saturday
2023 October 29 Sunday
2024 October 29 Tuesday
2025 October 29 Wednesday


National Cat Day’s History

Colleen Paige, a lifestyle columnist, is credited with founding National Cat Day in 2005. She said that she created this day to assist in galvanizing the public awareness and understanding of the number of cats that ought to be saved each and every year, as well as to urge cat owners to appreciate the cats in their life for the selfless comfort and love they confer upon us.

We absolutely agree with her. She seems to be fond of all cats, both domesticated and stray, which we applaud. According to Science magazine, cat domestication dates back 12,000 years. There will be a lot of items and even more naps as a result of this. The event seems to have occurred in the Middle East, specifically in Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. Domestication is a process that takes time. 

Cats did not transform from ferocious predators to sweetly stroking pets in a single day. They take their own course of time. But of course, once they become friends with you, there is no going back. So, this National Cat Day, be ready to steal some time with your lovely pet!

“DNA evidence reveals that cats lived among humans for thousands of years before they were tamed,” according to National Geographic. Throughout that period, their genetics have remained largely unchanged than those of wildcats, with the exception of one recent addition: the tabby cat’s characteristic stripes and dots.

According to one research by Claudio Ottoni of the University of Rome, ancient seafarers would take cats along just to “help secure food stockpiles on deck by killing rats.” Cats were able to expand all over the globe as a result of this.

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Cats, like dogs, feel whatever we do and get all the glory for being affectionate. They are able to detect our emotions and feelings and proceed appropriately. They’ve also sacrificed many of their innate urges to live in houses and apartments. (This is particularly true of indoor cats). On National Cat Day, take a time to cherish all the affection they offer. 

The Origins of Domestication of Cats

Now, we have learnt about the history of National Cat Day, let us know more about when and how the domestication of cats begun! Cats are the sole tamed Felidae species, with experts estimating that they were domesticated some 9,500 years ago. The initial domestication of a cat is thought to have occurred in southern Cyprus with an African wildcat. Confirmation for this hypothesis can be found in the remnants of a Neolithic burial in Shillourokambos.


Because Cyprus had no indigenous mammals, the humans who resided there may have transported the cat, along with other wild animals, to the island from the Middle Eastern region. Naturally, this poses the subject of why cats became tamed in the first place. To find answers, we must first establish why African wildcats were drawn to human habitation in the first place.

According to some researchers, human cultivation in the Fertile Crescent area of the Middle East lured rodents, particularly the little house mice, and with the rodents came African cats. Both people and cats would gain from this setup. The cats would have recourse to rats and any leftovers left behind from people, and the humans’ rodent issue would be addressed. Domestication and dispersal of domestic cats expanded all across the area as human settlements grew. That dispersal became the reason why today we are able to celebrate National Cat Day today!

Domestic cats were introduced to Southern Europe by Carthaginian, Etruscan, Greek, and Phoenician traders around 1200 B.C. They were brought to Corsica and Sardinia around 1000 B.C. Egyptian pet cats were also located in North Germany by the time the Roman Empire fell.

As these cats became domesticated, they underwent a series of slow and subtle behavioral and anatomical modifications. This should be emphasized, though, that several of the features they currently possessed rendered them appropriate for domestication. They were, for example, smaller and more gregarious than some other wild cats. As people became more civilized, they developed a range of other characteristics that have evolved over time and differ from location to location.

Domesticable tabby cats began to have striped and blotched coat patterns during the Middle Ages. The mutation that produces this coat can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire in Southwest Asia. It would eventually develop prevalent in Africa and Europe.

Nevertheless, it would not be till the 1700s that these patterns on tabby cats became widespread enough to have been identified with domestic cats. Breeders began carefully breeding particular sorts of cats throughout the nineteenth century to create one of the hundreds of cat breeds that survive today.

How can we celebrate National Cat Day 2022? 

National Cat Day 2022
National Cat Day 2022

On this day, folks exhibit their affection for cats and dote on their beloved pet cats. On this day, numerous hashtags became popular on the internet. Here is the list of the things you could do on National Cat Day 2022:


  1. Acquire a furry companion

If you haven’t already, it’s appropriate to get a kitty. Get a pet from your local animal shelter to adopt them. Attempt to see them often instances so that they pick you instead of you selecting them. Instead of purchasing one, consider adopting one!


  1. Gently stroke them

If you have a kitty companion to cuddle with, give her the finest treatment you can on this day. Indulge them in a memorable outing by bringing them to their favourite spot or simply taking them to the vet for a regular examination, cleaning, and styling. Give each of them their own specific diet. 


  1. Contribute

Hundreds of stray cats are ruthlessly slaughtered every year, with no one paying attention. Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and cat shelters work tirelessly to better their situation. If you are capable to donate even just a tiny portion, please do so on National Cat Day 2022. Make it happen. It provides incalculable happiness and contentment. If this isn’t an option, then volunteer to give them time.


  1. Pay a visit to a cat shelter

If you can’t acquire a cat but you love them, you can offer to visit pet shelters and provide the abandoned cats loads of affection. Meals and clothing can be donated. You can of course give them warm snuggles if you can’t afford anything else to donate!


  1. Give them a toy as a present

If you don’t know that cats adore toys, you must be a kitten like me! For example, cats gradually learn that if they cuddle up to your face, feet, or any other area of your physique, they would get their gift.


  1. Use cutting-edge technologies to keep cats safe

Technology has progressed innumerable times, much further than your wildest dreams. Give your kitty a Tracking device and you’ll be able to keep track of them at all times. With a GPS tracker phone app, you can follow their nefarious activities. Gift it to them this National Cat Day 2022!


  1. Grooming

You’d desire your cat to look his or her finest on their significant day. Even though cats clean themselves the majority of the time, they nevertheless require additional attention and care from their masters. You can visit a maintenance establishment with your cat. They take pleasure in the thrill of grooming. Allow them to enjoy combing, nail clipping, washing, and a variety of other activities.


  1. Purchase a bed for your cat

Make absolutely certain you get them a comfy place to pass their sluggish hours if you’ve not already. Many cats take a long time to get used to new bedding. You can repurpose an abandoned cushion and give it to your furry pal. It’ll be a hit with them. Because old pillows contain their owner’s scent, cats feel more secure and comfortable in them than in fresh mattresses.


  1. Allow them to be spoiled somewhat more

Make your feline brat even more spoiled on National Cat Day 2022. Allow them to finish their delicious meals for the day. Engage in playing their favorite activities with them.


Facts related to National Cat Day

Here are some intriguing facts related to Cats:

  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that 85 million cats are acquired by US people, accounting for 35 percent of all US households.
  • The smallest cat, Tinker Toy, as per the Guinness Book of World Records, died in 1997. 
  • Carmen de Aldana boasts Guatemala’s greatest assortment of cat-related things, as well as a personal cat gallery.
  • This National Cat Day, you need to know that your Cats are unable to detect sweets, they are not attracted to them. Apparently, house cats are thought to be the only mammals who are unable to detect sweetness.
  • Blackie, the world’s wealthiest cat, received a $12.5 million inheritance.
  • Because of their genus name, Felis, cats are referred to as felines.
  • The roughness of a cat’s tongue allows it to pull the flesh from a bone.
  • Purring is a way for cats to cure themselves. Their purring is said to have a frequency of 25-250 Hertz, which corresponds to the rate at which bones and muscles develop and heal themselves. Purring cats is said to lower blood pressure, heart disease, and a variety of stress-related medical issues in humans.
  • On October 18, 1963, Felicette, a cat, became the first and only kitty to travel into space.
  • One trait shared by tigers and house cats is chinning, which occurs when a cat responds to specific smells by stroking its chin on the floor.
  • If you see your cats sleeping for long hours, do not be surprised! Cats sleep for approximately two-thirds of their lifetimes! They sleep between 13 and 16 hours every day. So, do not bother your kitty to stay up for long hours on National Cat Day.
  • For 20 years, a cat served as mayor of an Alaskan town.
  • Cats have the ability to leap approximately six times their own height.
  • A cat moves like just a camel or a giraffe.
  • Cats appreciate food that is at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit because it indicates a recent kill. That’s why they refuse cold food because it indicates that the victim has been deceased for far too long.
  • Cats’ ears can swivel 180 degrees because their musculature is supple.
  • If you think of a white cat, according to some cat stories, you will be rewarded with great luck.
  • Female cats are far too enamoured of themselves. Cats groom themselves for nearly half of their waking hours.
  • A green cat was born in Denmark in 1995.
  • Around 9500 years ago, the oldest cat lived.
  • The majority of kittens have no lashes at all!
  • Cats have whiskers on their faces as well as the backs of their front legs.
  • Black-footed cats are thought to be the world’s fiercest and most lethal cats.
  • House cats duplicate 96% of their genetic information with Tigers.

More for Cat Protection in the USA

We have discussed all kind of stuff about National Cat Day, nevertheless, the concept of Cats Protection is not new. The Cat Protection League was founded in 1927 by animal rights activist Jessy Wade. In the United States, numerous stringent statutes have been enacted to penalise criminals. The Dog and Cat Protection Act make it illegal to import or export any cat or dog fur into or out of the United States. Civil sanctions and expulsion are used to punish offenders. A civil fine of up to $10,000 will be imposed on anybody who breaches these rules.

National Cat Day 2022 is around the corner. We hope that we have provided you with all the requisite information regarding the event. So, this National Cat Day 2022, brace yourselves and do the best you can do for your pet cats! Be there for them and cherish the presence of these little furry pals! Happy National Cat Day 2022 to All.

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