National Bagel Day

January 15th is National Bagel Day. Bagels have a long and illustrious history that rivals that of your favorite cream cheese spread! Breakfast places, coffee shops, supermarkets, and even your kitchen pantry may all be found with these dough rounds. In reality, they sold more than 354 million bagels in 2018.

National Bagel Day’s History:

National Bagel Day has a lengthy and well-documented history, dating back to Jewish households in Poland in the 1600s and ending up in your hands today wrapped in parchment paper. Unlike many other items produced over 500 years ago, Bagels have remained surprisingly untouched. Although cream cheeses, butter, flavors, and toppings have developed throughout time, a bagel is still a bagel.

Bagels arrived in America with a wave of Polish-Jewish immigration in the 1800s, settling firmly in New York City, where they prospered. In fact, in the early 1900s, they formed a union named Bagel Bakers Local 338 to promote the burgeoning immigrant-led sector.

National Bagel Day
National Bagel Day

That led to the creation of the “National Bagel Day,” which we still enjoy with little to no variation to this day: lox, cream cheese, capers, tomatoes, and red onions.

Bagels became very popular in New York City almost immediately. Still, it wasn’t until the mid-twentieth century that mass manufacture became considerably more effective thanks to automation and bread slicing (the best thing!). Bagels have evolved since then to include a variety of flours, toppings, dips, and stains, but they are still essentially the same as they were in the 1600s; thus, the National Bagel Day was invented.

National Bagel Day Traditions:

Consume a bagel:

It’s pretty simple! Take a massive bite out of a delicious, warm, crispy, doughy bagel with your favorite toppings from your neighborhood bakery!

Make a bagel:

Nothing tastes or smells better than freshly made bagels right out of the oven, yet they’re surprisingly simple and delightful. This is a fantastic exercise for you and your family.

Give a bagel as a gift:

Given that bagels were initially intended as a traditional gift for pregnant ladies, this will fit right in at any maternity ward! Alternatively, gift it to someone you know who likes bagels.

What can we do to commemorate National Bagel Day 2022?

‘What can we do to commemorate National Bagel Day 2022? Is this a query? Start with a huge mouthful of the yummiest, warmest, crispiest bagel you’ve ever had. You must consume at least one bagel on this day, regardless of whether it is an all-time classic breakfast bagel, pizza bagels, or whatever strange flavor you want.

Prefer to eat a bagel with every meal to honor its flexibility while sampling as many flavors as possible! Who doesn’t like bagels? Hang out with your friends and family at your local bagel businesses and get a dozen tasty bagels to your stomach with a variety of great discounts and deals.

If you want to add a bit more of a unique twist to the National Bagel Day celebration, you can add the following activities to your to-do list:

Party with Bagels:

The concept of throwing a bagel-making party with your coworkers or a group of pals will never go out of style. Organizing a bagel party and laying out all the available delectable toppings might be a great way to commemorate National Bagel Day 2022.

Challenge for the entire day:

If you’re feeling experimental, consider a three-meal challenge where you eat a bagel-inspired dish for each of the three meals: supper, lunch, and breakfast. Are you looking for something sweet or something savory?

You may make your bagels:

With the widespread usage of mass-produced machine bagels, it’s easy to forget that all bagels were meticulously created by hand before 1970. Why not travel back in time to the era before the 1970s and bake your bagels? It won’t be as spherical as the ones you buy at the shop, but its flavor will captivate you.

Today, use the hashtags #NationalBagelDay and #BagelDay to share photographs and videos of your favorite bagel and the process of creating it on your social media profiles.

Statistics for National Bagel Day

Freshness is preferred by 54% of those polled.

Fresh bagels are consumed by a large percentage of the population in the United States. While store-bought bagels are handy, we prefer freshly baked bagels.

77% prepare supper for them:

Bagels are traditionally served as the main course for any meal. These rigid dough rings can withstand the test of time.

The majority of people prefer them hot: 75%.

Bagel lovers prefer theirs warm and will gladly pay more for a fresh, hot bagel than cold. The contrast between hot and cold is the preferred mode of bagel eating, with approximately 90% of users placing cream cheese, butter, or some other form of topping on it.

Activities for National Bagel Day

Every meal should include a bagel:

Take advantage of National Bagel Day to enjoy the variety of the bagel, and feel free to experiment with as many types as you’d like!

Share the bagel adoration:

Bagels are a staple in almost every office, classroom, and group of friends. Look for unique National Bagel Day specials at your local bagel businesses and get a dozen tasty bagels to share.

Where to get the most incredible bagel in town:

Everyone has a favorite bagel shop, so now is the time to determine the greatest. Perhaps each location has its unique bagel; be daring and try them all!

Why do we Appreciate National Bagel Day?

There are a plethora of options:

Have you ever stepped into a bagel store and been overwhelmed by the variety of varieties on offer? There is always a selection to meet your sweet or savory appetites, from cinnamon raisin swirl bagels to the traditional everything bagel.

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Bagels have a lot of uses:

We’ve all had bagels for breakfast, but what about a deli sandwich or a pizza bagel? Bagels’ chewy, thick texture makes them ideal for toppings, spreads, and everything else you can think of!

They are practical:

you may find bagels at supermarkets, coffee shops, and even petrol stations. You may eat them plain or toasted. In any case, they’re a tasty and convenient option for when you’re on the road.

The National Bagel Day 2022, formerly known as Bagel and Lox Day, is observed yearly on January 15th to commemorate the 600-year history of bread with a wide range of varieties accessible today. Though the exact date when National Bagel Day originated is unknown, it is said to have started around the century. Today, Kraft owns Lender’s Bagels, a multibillion-dollar business in which most bagels are manufactured by machines and loved by people of all generations for breakfast or lunch.

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