Moto G Stylus 2022 specs leak out

Over the last few years, if you are looking for a cheap Android handset then, Moto G Stylus has been the best phone for you to go with. Now according to a recent specification leak, we have got something super exciting. The 2022 edition of the smartphone which was developed by XDA this phone is featured a 6.78-inch IPS LCD display, with a resolution of 2460 x 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 90Hz. The screen is just a bit lighter than on its forerunner, but Lenovo has managed to pack a few more pixels in this time.

Under the cover there will deceptively be the sensibly accomplished MediaTek Helio G85 chipset, balancing with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. The phone is allegedly going to come with 128GB of internal storage, with provision for additional storage added via memory card.

Moto G Stylus
Moto G Stylus

Camera and software

A few times before Moto G Stylus 2022, we are told that there will be a triple-lens 50MP+8MP+2MP camera with ultrawide capabilities, with a single-lens 16MP megapixel camera on the front taking care of selfie duties.

The battery supposedly has a capacity of 5,000mAh and supports 10W charging, and there will of course be the combined stylus as usual, with its individual dock on the phone. In view of the Moto G Stylus 2021 released in January of last year, the fresh model could get its authorized launch any day now.

It looks like still, the software will be covering overdue, though: the rumour is that the phone will derive with Android 11, hurled in 2020, and will only be specified one key version advancement to Android 12 at some point in the forthcoming.

Check the software version u will get

  • The software version that a phone featured with out of the box may not be all that high on your list of significance but it’s worth double-checking this in detail when you are going to purchase a new device, because or else you risk getting left overdue in terms of fresh features.
  • Android 12 brings with it lively theming, a superior gaming mode, an enhanced privacy dashboard, and a better choice of gesture shortcuts, amid additional variations though it looks as though none of these features will be on the Moto G Stylus at launch.
  • Though, that’s maybe no wonder in view of the Moto G Stylus that launched in January 2021 only featured with Android 10 onboard. That also is only due for one key advancement, to Android 11, however, it hasn’t rolled out yet.

If you are intense on a reasonable, huge screen phone with a stylus then the Moto G Stylus 2022 could definitely be perfect for you! You might be prepared to put up with some extent older hardware as a trade-off. Just make sure you recognise what you are receiving software-wise every time you are going for a new device.

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