Big states in India hugely affected by Omicron Variant

Thursday World Health Organization insisted that the Covid-19’s Omicron variant is killing people across the globe and should not be sacked as mild!

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the record numbers of people are getting affected by the new variant, which is quick out-competing the previously leading Delta variant in several countries as a result hospitals were being overwhelmed.

  • “Though Omicron does seem to be less severe compared to Delta, particularly in those vaccinated, it does not mean it should be considered as insignificant,” Tedros told a press conference.
  • “Just like preceding variants, Omicron is hospitalizing people and it is killing people,” he explained.
  • “In fact, the tsunami of cases is so vast and speedy, that it is devastating the health systems around the world.”

Just under 9.5 million new Covid-19 cases were reported to the WHO last week a record, up 71 percent on the week before.

Omicron update India
Omicron update India

Live update of omicron cases in India

When it comes to India, Delhi, Mumbai, and other big cities are suffering a spike in Covid cases, driven by the Omicron variant, which is now present in 26 states. India reported 90,928 new daily Covid cases today, the highest in over 200 days.

Key Highlights on Omicron cases

  • Mumbai witnessed a novel regular infection highest of 15,166 on Wednesday, well up on its earlier high of just over 11,000 hits last year. Nearly 90% of new patients had shown no symptoms and only 8% were hospitalized.
  • With a single-day jump of 495 Omicron, India now has 2,630 cases of the new variant of coronavirus. Most cases have been testified in Maharashtra with 797 cases, followed by Delhi with 465 infections. The man was fully vaccinated and had no significant contact and travel history, according to the government.
  • New regular Covid cases went up closely quadrupled since the start of the year as the country reported 90,928 infections, a 56 percent jump from yesterday’s 58,097 cases. Apart from Delhi and Mumbai, the Union Health Ministry has identified Kolkata, Chennai, and Bengaluru as some of the key regions of worry, although state administrators concern the disease will quickly spread to the rural area where health facilities are not that much good.
  • Covid cases nearly doubled in a day in Delhi to 10,665 on Wednesday, but the state said only 7% of its COVID beds were occupied. State health officials, though, have advised even a huge number of insignificant cases could put pressure on the health system.
  • Kolkata reported for half of the new cases in West Bengal until a few days ago, but cases are now increasing in bordering districts. The state has reported one of the highest rates of infections in India.
  • As cases increase, the western state of Gujarat on Thursday until further notice postponed a January 10-12 biennial investment summit that was to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and formerly attended by the country’s top billionaires. PM Modi’s home state reported 3,350 infections on Wednesday.
  • With numerous cities imposing coronavirus curfews and health experts warning of exponential contagion growing, several parties have carried their public campaigns to a stop.
  • Total 325 people have died of Covid during the past 24-hour period, according to the Health Ministry. This includes 258 deaths in Kerala in the last few months, added based on pending appeals after the last Supreme Court guidelines.
  • Data has revealed that the usual daily rise of Covid this time is almost 21 percent quicker than during the second wave in March-April. A seven-day moving average displayed that the cases have shot up from 56 to 199. If you will consider the data of today then these are probable to push the rate further.

The unexpected growing rate of Omicron is definitely a huge headache for state and central government but they are trying their best to handle the situation properly. Some cities are already declared partial lockdown and night curfew which will definitely control the new variant cases up to some extent. Keep visiting our website for such latest updates on Covid updates.

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