Most Valuable Mall of Canada to Add Apartments

The Canadian most valuable mall’s owner has decided to add more apartments and buildings to this shopping mall and also to the two more in Toronto, which will form a mixed neighborhood. This will prove to be a good start, and a lot of renters will be invited to stay in a place where they can shop too. It is a two in one offer which will generate a good amount of income for the owner. Now that it had been decided, the next task would be to find the investors who are looking for such an offer.

At the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, the Oxford Properties Group planned to rent the apartments in the tower. President Michael Turner addressing this initiative, said that by sales per square foot, this most valuable and most productive shopping mall of Canada is still in its initial stages. So the addition of apartments and the renewal will be a long process with a lot of effort and a lot of decisions to make.

Turner said in an interview at the headquarters of the Bloomberg’s New York, “We are beginning to go vertical on this, no more horizontal” on Tuesday “I can assure you that whatever you see now, it is not what it is going to look like over the coming decade or two.” He hinted at changing the structure of it from the previous one, and that will make it look different than before.

There is extreme competition between the eCommerce retailers, which has caused the business a huge amount of loss and debt. This has mostly been because of the covid 19 restrictions and shutdowns around the country businesses. Not just this, but also a lot of operators of malls in North America have gone into bankruptcy, and they are broke with not even a single penny on hand. This is a serious crisis that many are facing right now.

The rise of the classical idea of business with shopping malls has made more operators interested in adding houses to these properties, creating a whole sector with it. This sector will outperform the retail of the real estate market and make it more valuable than before.

The two main motives of Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management Inc and Simon Property Group Inc have caused this idea of having apartments to seize for the time being. This will bring in more value and amount from the properties there are, and it will also bring in more customers of prospective retail right into the action.

Turner said that rezoning required to build the necessary houses has to be approved by the municipal board first, and this process is a slow one in a country like Canada. So no one is hoping of seeing it happen earlier than most expectations of later than one year.

Turner also said, “I used to underappreciate whenever things went slow until I myself began to work for a developer, this was when I started being more appreciative of everything” he mentioned this while lamenting the “hundred of meetings” with the citizens and the municipal officials “multiple times it is that you have to redo plans on the same site like before.” He has been very busy throughout this initiative.

Turner mentioned that he was not very appreciative of the things when they were taking time. It was when he started working himself for a developer that he realized the multiple times of doing a plan at the same time.

Turner had a lot of confidence that the new apartment unit demand would be way plentiful whenever they were built. The severe housing shortage is a huge issue you will see many in Canada facing today. This issue has to be addressed as well as the housing of apartment units in the shopping mall seems like a reasonable solution, so the government should allow it.

Turned seemed relieved and confident that the demand for the new apartment units will be seen as plentiful whenever these apartments are built. Still, Suffering from the housing shortage is a lot in Canada, and this issue needs serious attention from the government. Home affordability is already a major political issue in Canada.

Turner also mentioned that Oxford has a role in the investment of the property by Ontario’s municipal employees. This role is of the pension fund of the employees, which means for a long time it can operate than the other developers. So they can be patient about it and not rush things.

Breaking to the ground, the malls in the Toronto areas will have The Yorkdale mall as the last one to break apart. The Yorkdale mall will not be taken down easily, so it has to be taken down with a lot of thinking and planning.

This is also because of the importance of its location, which is between a really dense and populated neighborhood. Turner said to the reporters that This neighborhood is further pressed between the two important highways which run on both ways to it. These highways also give it a significant value than most.

In the year 2019, Yorkdale reported an estimated amount of Canadian dollar 1,964 ($1,577) each square foot. The country mall was ranked last year by the retail council of Canada. This makes up about 1,108 Canadian dollars per square foot for each square one. For the Scarborough Town Centre, on the other hand, per square foot, it is about 870 Canadian dollars.

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