Microsoft Edge is bombarding people with ads

Ads have started appearing in the lower right corner of Microsoft Edge subsequent to a fresh update to Microsoft’s browser.

These ads or endorsements are for services such as Microsoft Start conferring to a fresh report from Windows Latest. For those, who are unaware, Microsoft Start is a rebranded MSN feed that offers users modified reliable news, plus games, weather and much more all in one app.

Seemingly, Microsoft has started trialling with presentation more ads and endorsements that appear when a user opens the New Tab Page in its browser. Though they can be disturbing and slightly bothersome, these pop-ups can be effortlessly sacked by clicking on the Maybe later button.

At the same time, Microsoft seems to be using its innovative Assistance from Microsoft Edge feature to gather search results from users in an exertion to progress its Bing search engine. While the data poised by the software brand isn’t linked with users or their devices, not everyone requirements to hand over their search data even if doing so does assist progress their favoured search engine.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft testing out New Office integration!

Microsoft is also trying out a new Office combination for its browser that will permit users to access Microsoft 365 apps straight from Edge.

On the Microsoft Edge Canary Channel, the firm has added an innovative option called “New Office Tab” to the browser’s framework menu that can be retrieved by just right-clicking on an uncluttered window. This new and innovative feature will permit users to open Word, PowerPoint and Excel straight in Edge deprived of having to close the browser.

It also seems that Microsoft’s new Office incorporation won’t be restricted to Microsoft 365 subscribers and anyone with a Microsoft account will be capable to take benefit of it. Though just similar with Read Aloud, add page to Collections and the other options in the context menu, users won’t be capable to deactivate it.

As Microsoft’s new Office incorporation is presently being tested out in Edge Canary, it probably won’t be extended till this feature derives to the steady version of the firm’s browser.

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