Marvel Snap – Top Best Cards for Beginners

In the world of card games, Marvel Snap is a breath of fresh air, achieving simplicity in the interface and gameplay, and making it stand out from its contemporaries. Although, on the surface, it’s like any other card game, except it’s significantly different, in that its gameplay offers deep strategic opportunities and is intuitive at the same time. With all the heroes and villains from every MC Universe, it’s a game that Marvel fans truly crave.

However, you can’t just throw cards randomly at the board and expect to win. But what you can do, is learn the powers of those cards and their special abilities that will help you make the perfect deck! To get you started, we have made a list of the top cards for Pool 1.

Top Tier 1 Cost Cards in Pool 1

This list consists of the best 1 cost cards from Pool 1, S, A & B Tier. This should be enough to get you started with Marvel Snap as a beginner.

S Tier – 1 Cost


Starting off with the first card on this list and Ant-Man proves to be the most deserving of this spot. It is essential to have this card early on as a beginner due to its ability and economical value. When it is placed at the full location, it can be effective as it becomes 4 power at 1 cost. Beginners benefit greatly from this card as it’s the very definition of the ideal.


The reason this card is top tier, is simply its flexibility and how it can be utilized. This card has the ability to be placed just about anywhere on the board and can move after it’s placed on the table. This special ability can be incredibly handy for beginners. You can use this card from a place of power to help empower the cards on any other location on the board. It’s super handy and you don’t even have to move it elsewhere for that.

A Tier – 1 Cost


1 cost cards are the foundation of literally any player’s strategy in this game, and Elektra can take them out swiftly. If you want to play on the offensive and keep your opponent on their toes, this card will help you achieve exactly that. Elektra has the ability to decimate zoo decks with it’s powerful offensives. You could save it for later in the game when things start to slip out of your hands.


This 1 cost for 2 power card has a special on-reveal skill that, when used, shuffles a rock into your opponent’s deck, ruining their draws and destabilizing their strategic plans. It is reliable to have and is a crucial addition to your deck. You can use it to throw your opponent off their game and make them strategize their approach from the ground up.

B Tier – 1 Cost


Hawkeye is great, in that it becomes a 1 for 3 with the effect. However, the only downside to this card is that it’s highly vulnerable to the Guardians of the Galaxies cards. Regardless, this card’s on-reveal skill is impressive nevertheless.

Squirrel Girl

This card’s special ability is, adding a 1 power squirrel to each other location, allowing it to facilitate other cards on the board. This can either be slightly beneficial to you, or it can end up clogging the board, so you have to be mindful when using it.


Yondu is a special type of card, with its on-reveal skill to, remove the top card of your opponent’s deck, weakening their position on the board. The only problem is that you have to be extremely lucky, it doesn’t achieve anything otherwise.


This sums up our list of the pool 1 best low-cost cards to get started as a beginner. The game plays out quite differently from Hearthstone and if you are looking for something similar on mobile, you can get Clash Royale account. And just a gentle reminder, there are tons of cards to choose from in this game, and as you progress, you’ll most likely experiment and see what works for you, as the battle on the board can be a little unpre-DECK-table [unpredictable] at times.

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