A New Study Shows Kids Are Silent Carriers Of COVID And Need To Be Vaccinated.

Mutating coronavirus into the new variant is the biggest threat right now and Kids Are Silent Carriers Of COVID. For the prevention of its spread and protection of everyone, we are all equally responsible. Cadell Walker, who is the mother of Solomon, a nine-year-old girl, decided to get her daughter vaccinated just to prevent the spread of new variant and to protect other people, especially kids of her daughter’s age.

For getting rid of COVID 19, working together is necessary. The mother of Louisville Stated that their daughter needs to learn some core values, and in order to teach her those, it is necessary for them as a parent to follow those values first. Being the type of community member whom everyone respects and who cares about others is what they what to teach their daughter. Respecting and loving other human beings and caring for neighbors is a must to learn for kids.

The virus mutates and becomes stronger whenever it lands on a new host. It uses its host genetic machinery to drive out a new mutated form of itself which becomes severe and more dangerous than the previous one. The host could be anyone from anywhere around the world, so it is important that the [progression of the virus is stopped by stopping it from moving into new hosts. Prevention is the biggest cure right now, just like for every illness or disease. Even scientists have finally agreed to the fact that if the hosts are limited, there is a bright chance of eliminating the virus.

To bring down the new infection chances, On Friday, the booster doses were granted permission by the United States government to be given to adults that need it. This has been done

in Austria, too, and the aim of it is to solely reduce the new emerging numbers of COVID 19 cases.

The vaccine created by Pfizer Inc is now given permission to be available for kids of age groups five to eleven by the United States government. This will make another twenty-eight million of the population of the United States to be eligible for vaccination, Increasing the vaccination and safety rates higher.

The arising of new variants is because of the lack of knowledge of its spread. If you can not see or know about something, it is likely to spread without being detected or noticed. The little kids were the biggest source of the spread of the virus till now as they showed little to no symptoms and were also less focused as they were not under any threat. Because of this, they have been a reason to spread the virus. Now, with their vaccination, a lot of this silent and unnoticed spread of the virus could be prevented beforehand.

Right now, the delta mutated form of the virus is considered the most dangerous, but it could get its new form which would be even deadlier than this one. As long as there are unvaccinated hosts, the mutation will exist and continue to get powerful than before. Hence it is important that we all work together to control its spread, stated the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s expert in virology studies named David O’Connor.

If someone has the virus for a long time, then their immune system will become weak over time and will not be able to fight the infection. It will likely mutate into a new variant inside that host and gain a deadlier form that will then be spread to other people creating a whole chain of infections. These variants spread could be controlled if the host number for the coronavirus is reduced, giving it less amount of mutation chances, he mentioned in detail.

The deadly variants seen throughout these pandemic years of alpha and delta variants are mostly spread by the silent hosts that are children. These children are the biggest contributors to the virus spread reported by analysis. Previously it was said that children were safe and had nothing to do with the spread of the virus, but now it is being noticed that they do, infact, spread the virus and give it its new hosts for mutation.

The future of this pandemic is being studied by various departments and organizations, and one of these is the COVID-19 Scenario Modeling Hub which studies details of the COVID 19 virus too. They have recently mentioned as well that there is a lot of truth in the stoppage of the virus through getting the kids vaccinated.

Pennsylvania State University’s co-leader of the project named Katriona Shea said that there would be a huge difference between the cases that have been previously recorded and the ones coming up next. This is because of the new variant. If this variant is not stopped, then it is most likely that the cases will reach up to around

860,000, and the transmission will be almost fifty percentage points more.

Scientists do not know why the delta variant is so strong for now infecting so many people and is almost about ninety-nine percentage points more severe than other variants of this form.

Infections spread faster and are more severe than the previous variants in delta variant infections. The reason for this is unknown, but from the evidence, it is clear that this variant is deadlier. The world now has become a pool of coronavirus and its variants. It is like a whole big family existing among us.

For now, the delta is the deadliest, but which one? As there are also many lineages, it has. Scientists can not tell which delta lineage or which another variant of coronavirus is going to be the deadliest as it keeps surprising us. There is, although enough evidence that if the Covid 19 is not stopped sooner from spreading the new variants and the new waves will keep coming taking away our loved ones from us unless we all fight together, get vaccinated, and do everything in our power and responsibility to stop it. We can surely win against it if we get vaccinated.

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