Kay Flock Gunning Down A Man

Last week, a rising star Kay Flock in the rap music industry was arrested on murder charges, but details have yet to be revealed. Kaifrock, an 18-year-old internet sensation from the Bronx, was arrested Thursday after appearing in New York City. He was accused of killing 24-year-old Oscar Hernandez outside the hairdressing shop in Harlem on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

Herandez Shot Dead

Kay Flock (formerly Kevin Perez) was charged with murder and possession of firearms in connection with the incident. Hernandez was shot dead outside the dressing shop, and police say Perez began discussions among them. However, some fans say that the beautician’s surveillance footage from an outward-facing camera seems to deny this story.

Kay Flock Gunning Down A Man
Kay Flock Gunning Down A Man

They both met outside, and it supposedly, in the end, prompted Perez to take out a firearm to fire Hernandez in the neck and back. A couple of days later, Perez’s capture, his lawyer shared an assertion about the matter.

According to His Lawyer

“Recently, I went with Kevin as he self-gave up to Detective in the 30th area,” Scott Leemon, Kay Flock’s lawyer, said in an assertion to XXL. “Game plans were quickly made with NYPD once I learned he was needed. With regards to the charges required against him, we have started our examination concerning these claims.” He adds, “All the more critically, considering the DA’s huge exposure earlier today that the NYPD got a tip saying another person is the shooter, we requested the DA’s office give brief revelation of the recordings referred to in the objection and more data on the tip.”

Police Claimed

Police guarantee that Perez went into the barbershop and acted forcefully towards Hernandez, requesting him something with the impact from “What are you seeing?” They say that Perez strolled outside, and Hernandez followed him, where the homicide occurred. In any case, the reconnaissance film shows Perez walking past the barbershop without going in, and it shows Hernandez coming outside to follow him unprompted.

His Bail

“We will give him bail whenever we have gotten an opportunity to audit the appropriate revelation and to research the DA’s noteworthy exposure additionally,” Leemon closed. It isn’t clear that the video’s adaptation currently circling via online media has been changed to reject the supposed showdown inside the actual barbershop. Fans are dubious, yet neither the police nor Leemon have tended to this irregularity.

A case of Mistaken Identity

Hernandez’s family announced that they accepted a scenario of false identity because they both didn’t know each other. Police have detailed they get it might have been group related. The needed banner posted by the New York City Police Department states, “On December 16, 2021, the envisioned individual otherwise called Kay Flock released a 9mm gun at the casualty causing the casualty’s destruction before 1836 Amsterdam Avenue in New York, in the limits of the 30th region. The culprit has past weapon charges and ought to be thought of as outfitted and risky. The culprit is a known Thirdside Gang part.”

The scene Evidence

The whole situation was being recorded on a video, and a cop from the 48th Precinct in the Bronx, where Perez lives, remembered him, as per a criminal grievance.

Hernandez was an individual from the Bronx-based Thirdside Gang, and agents accept his shooting was posse related, police sources said.

A male relative of the casualty said Monday his family was preparing to go to his burial service. When inquired as to whether the capture brought the family and harmony, the relative said, “Assuming it’s the right person. Equity ought to be served.”

Perez stays held without abandoning Rikers Island.

About Kay Flock

On October 1, 1992, Kay Flock was born. Kay Flock was in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

He follows the Christian religion and has an enormous fan in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He delivered a few melodies. He acclaimed popularity for his rapping abilities and music collections. His dad’s name and his mom’s name are not referenced. His kin’s data isn’t accessible.

Kay knows him, yet his stage name is Kay; he’s known for his forceful rapping style.

His online media accounts have an enormous fan following and many adherents. He had numerous devotees on Instagram.

Top Kay FLock Songs

  • Is Ya Ready.
  • PSA
  • Brotherly Love.
  • Opp Spotter.
  • Being Honest.
  • Power (What Yall want t a Do).
  • Being Honest (Remix).

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