Award Afro Latino Controversy

J Balvin was again controversial after receiving the Best AfroLatino Artist Award of the Year. Awarded by the African Entertainment Awards, the award has received sharp criticism from fans for both the award-winning J Balvin and the award-winning organization.

Not An Afrol Latino

The singer, not identified as AfroLatino, received some exquisite words from the Twitter people, who resented that he would accept the award or be given to someone outside the AfroLatin community.

‘Best Latin Artist of the Year

After J Balvin won the Afro Latino award, The African Entertainment Awards responded that they had changed the name to ‘Best Latin Artist of the Year. After hearing the concern from the audience, they have decided to change the name.

Award Afro Latino Controversy
Award Afro Latino Controversy

African Entertainment Awards

The African Entertainment Awards started in October 2015. As per the site, AEAUSA was set up in New Jersey to elevate African amusement and celebrate the event. The charitable association serves “as a stage for Africans that is joined together, independent, and willing, and ready to inspire social change” that is important to African people groups around the world.

Reaction video by AEAUSA

AEAUSA reacted that the honor isn’t planned exclusively for Afro-Latino stars in an Instagram video. Rather, the association guarantees through a representative that the honor is scheduled for anybody adding to Afrobeat music and making a scaffold among Africa and Latin America. ” It did not depend on race, however, more critically dependent on pushing the African culture forward on the world stage,” read the inscription. “Kindly recollect the chosen people in this class had nothing to do with their assignment or effect on the honor show. Rather than voicing disappointment, let us urge these craftsmen to keep overcoming any barrier among Africa and Latin America.” Going off the remarks on this post, individuals are not dazzled with the association’s reaction.

Criticism faced by J Balvin

In spite of the fact that J Balvin recognized he isn’t afro-Latino, people online rebuked him, as he was problematic racially before. As we recently announced, the Colombian whiz released a conciliatory sentiment in October that he strolled two Black ladies on the rope for his music video for “Perra.”

Anyways, J Balvin has acknowledged the honor for his “commitment to Afrobeat music and its development.”

According to Historical Race

As per the idea of historical race, current researchers concur that there’s just a single human race. As it may, specialists have partitioned humanity into Negroid, Mongoloid, and Caucasian for a long time. While identity is portrayed as a gathering that has a place with a typical public or social custom.

Confusing the Ethnicity

Numerous people tend to confuse the two terms, believing that Latino is a race, even though it is an ethnic group. Hispanic and Latin communities are very diverse, and it is common to find black and white Latin Americans and Latinos and Asian and Pacific islanders.

Dominique Taemin, the organization’s chairman, confirmed in a video that this category does not reflect a particular race but that music is a tribute to those who “contributed to

African culture.”

Explanation of Afrolatino Category

“I like to explain the AfroLatino category and why it was developed. It’s for people who have contributed to

African culture. It’s not based on your race, to African culture. Based on contributions, “he said. “One of the winners isn’t black, and some say they have great concerns. I just wanted to deal with it. Our categories are not color-based. It is based on the contribution of this artist, who contributes to African-American culture. Yes, you can be nominated as Black Latino. You can also be selected as a White Latino, just like black and white African Americans. That is our point of view. ”

Afro Latino Black

Afro Latino term referred to black. It cannot be determined that this word has nothing to do with race. This declaration has no meaning at all, and

the people of Afro-Latino change the meaning or are non-black. It’s not a place to give people Afro Latino prizes. It’s demolition, and it’s incredibly violent. It’s okay to ruin and fix it, but here with J Balvin and non-African / non-African / non-African By protecting the blacks, we are breaking the bridge to the blacks Diaspora.

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