On Jimmy Fallon Show, Ursulá Corberó has Come to Have a Good Time

  • Ursula Corberó made her late-night television debut on The Tonight Jimmy Fallon show, Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday morning. The performer spoke on an NBC television program from Rockefeller Center’s studio 6B, coinciding with the premiere of the penultimate episode of The Money Heist.

The Barcelona woman had just six minutes, the expected timeframe for the program’s second interview, to remark about the series’ international success, utter a suitably filtered obscenity with a beep, and recall her meeting with Madonna, one of his most renowned followers. Nicole Kidman, an actress, had interfered before her, and Belgian singer Stromae had intervened shortly after.

When Fallon, one of the show’s top presenters from the United States, arrived on set, Corberó revealed that he had explicitly traveled from Madrid to take part in the front. “Can you believe it’s Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman on my first show here [in the United States]?” “Something laid-back,” he joked. The actress who portrays Tokyo in The Money Heist recalls learning of Spanish fiction’s international breakthrough until a few months after it began airing on Netflix.

In December 2017, she was with her boyfriend, Chino Darn, and her father-in-law Ricardo Darn at a New Year’s Eve celebration in Uruguay. “It was a huge party, and suddenly everyone recognized me and started chatting about Tokyo with me.”

On Jimmy Fallon Show, Ursulá Corberó has Come to Have a Good Time
On Jimmy Fallon Show, Ursulá Corberó has Come to Have a Good Time

Corberó recalled when Madonna was discovered on a plane in another of the incidents that fuel this type of conversation. Tokyo was the singer’s favorite character from the series, and she supplied her phone number and a warning that she had left her passport in her seat.

At the show’s opening, Fallon praised the Barcelona woman’s participation as her debut in the world of late-night American television. He also highly urged your readers to see Money Heist, The Money Heist’s English title.

“It’s THE show to watch right now.” Is it the latest installment of The Squid Game? “And she’s the main character,” he added only moments before inviting the actress to the set.

The Bank Robbery According to Netflix data from the week of November 29 to December 5, it was the most-watched content on the platform. Because it premiered on Friday, December 3, the Spanish series has already outperformed any other series or picture in English or any different language in terms of distribution in just three days. Colombia is the second country to be classed. It possesses 59 million flow hours, making it the queen of flow.

Corberó’s international fame skyrocketed following the release of The Money Heist on Netflix at the end of 2017, as seen by social media data. The actress began the year with a million Instagram followers. It currently has over 24 million followers, making it one of the most famous Spanish personalities on the platform.

Snatch, a television series starring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter franchise) and based on Guy Ritchie and Brad Pitt’s 2000 film, is one of the actress’s latest projects in Hollywood. In addition, he appeared in the action flick Snake Eyes: el

Origen, Apart from Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, and Antonio Banderas, a few Spanish appearances in late-night American programming. During her time in Hollywood, Ana Obregón did it in 1985 to promote a Plácido Domingo Christmas special in which she appeared. She was invited to sit next to actor Bette Midler on Johnny Carson’s show. It begins at minute 30:30 of this video.

Is Deshawn Radden’s Big Tribal Move Clever or Desperate?

A Survivor 41 contestant, Deshawn Radden, arrived like a freight train at the most recent tribal council. Either Radden or his last ally, Danny McCray, would get the vote. Radden, however, was not willing to go down without a fight, and he did so right before the vote by publicly criticizing the other participants’ gameplay. He was hurling “truth bombs” at people, but what he truly meant was to throw them under the bus. However, the issue remains: was the 26-year-old medical student’s significant tribal move a calculated tactic of pure desperation?

First, we must distinguish between what makes putting individuals under the bus at tribal council a good game move and what makes it desperate.

But it all comes down to timing (will providing this information now create a change in the current vote? ), delivery (does it seem such as the truth or a cynical attempt? ), and content (does it sound like the truth or a ploy?), and content (does it ring true or is it a ruse?) Finally, there’s the issue of long-term viability.

We can see how those things can go either way when we look at the history of Survivor. Russell Hantz’s tribal “truth bombs” propelled him to the last two twice. Jeff Varner’s hasty scrambling and revealing Zeke Smith as transgender resulted in him still being voted out.

On Jimmy Fallon Show, Ursulá Corberó has Come to Have a Good Time
On Jimmy Fallon Show, Ursulá Corberó has Come to Have a Good Time

On the other side, Deshawn Radden made a powerful speech during tribal council that unfortunately falls into the desperate category. Erika Casupanan was revealed for plotting against Heather Aldrete, and he reprimanded everyone else for not getting Ricard “Big Threat” Foye out last week.

Bringing those things up seems unrelated to work at hand and like pettiness on the part of a loser (rather than a genuine desire to influence the outcome of his or Danny McCray’s game). When the vote came to a tie, prompting a re-vote, he even rolled his eyes. Radden was hoping for a bit of drama on his way out the door, and it came as a complete surprise to both him (and viewers) when Jeff Probst didn’t snuff out his candle.

Admittedly, despite not being made with the explicit goal of strategic insight, Deshawn Radden’s decision can still aid him in the future now that he’s still in the race. He established himself as Undesirable #1 to the remaining tribe and the jury by damaging people’s games. As a result, more individuals are likely to agree to accompany him to the conclusion. Unlikable personas frequently result in downvotes on the finals night.

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