iOS 15.3 looks like it won’t change much on your iPhone

A previous couple of iOS updates have been honestly considerable, with iOS 15.2 delivering Application Privacy Reports, Legacy Contacts, and much more, although the headline features of iOS 15.1 were SharePlay and ProRes, it’s looking like iOS 15.3 might lack prominent upgrades.

MacRumors reports that an early beta for iOS 15.3 has leaked, and the lone actual variations are diction around the Child Safety features that were added in iOS 15.2, minor variations to the Podcasts application, and twists to the text regarding the auto-downloading of magazines in Apple News Plus.

Beyond that, there will probably be bug solutions and security updates as part of iOS 15.3, which will perhaps be more important, but these haven’t been named.

It’s value noting that as this is just a leak it’s likely that features in the authoritatively launched beta will vary. We will probably also see numerous betas of iOS 15.3 before the complete version releases, and succeeding ones may gain extra features.

iOS 15.3

So, there’s still some anticipation that it could be an exciting update, but we are not hopeful, as we would assume to have seen additional in this early beta if there was going to be much of note.

iOS 15.2 is going to land on 13th December and there’s typically at least a month between updates, so don’t assume iOS 15.3 to release incomplete form before mid-January, though if it actually is this minor then possibly it will reach sooner.

There’s more to come with iOS 15.3, but possibly not until iOS 15.4

Though we are not sighted much of note in iOS 15.3, Apple has previously proclaimed one immense feature that we are waiting on, specifically the capability for US users to include their driver’s license or state ID to the Wallet application.

iOS 15.3

This would hypothetically be a recognized form of ID at TSA frontiers, and would ultimately work for access to vendors, venues, and events too. Apple has delayed the feature to early 2022, but if it doesn’t reach as part of iOS 15.3 which it perhaps won’t create on this leak then we are improbable to see it beforehand mid-February, if not later when iOS 15.4 or outside launches.

For several people, the delay for this feature could be even lengthier, however, as it sounds like it will originally only be obtainable in the select United States of America, and though it will probable widen out to the entire US and expectantly ultimately much of the world, that could take time.

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