Intel could have a supercharged Core i9-12900KS CPU

Intel could be soon offering a novel version of its flagship Alder Lake processor which grasps a higher boost speed transversely all its cores than the current Core i9-12900K, many rumors are around this upcoming new chipset from Intel and if will be a true one then it can be the best chipset in the market.

This would hypothetically be the Core i9-12900KS and rendering to sources who interviewed to VideoCardz, it’ll be a pre-binned version which assures high-performing 12900K chips proficient of achieving higher clocks speeds above the definite baseline performance of the CPU proficient of reaching an all-core boost of 5.2GHz relatively than the 5GHz of the current 12900K.

As VideoCardz points out, however, the 12900K’s all-core Turbo is obviously capability dependent on, and typically at normal clocks, the CPU hits around 4.85GHz to 4.9GHz across all cores going by the mainstream of reviews. So, we could sensibly assume the 12900KS if it comes to permit to grasp just over 5GHz, or maybe 5.1GHz naturally. That’s crossways all 8 performance cores, of course.

Issuing a KS variant of its flagship is not a novel thing for Intel. Though the chip manufacturing giant didn’t do so with its preceding two generations of processors. The last time it occurred was with the Core i9-9900KS, two years back, although a 10900KS was momentarily speculated about for Comet Lake a Rocket Lake take on ‘KS’ wasn’t rumored, but then, the 11th-gen had a comparatively short amount of time in the limelight.

VideoCardz entitlements that the supposed Core i9-12900KS is experiencing testing by motherboard manufacturers currently. Hopefully, we will soon get this new powerful chipset on the market.


Could the 12900KS be Intel’s answer to AMD’s rumored CES launch?

If the 12900KS truly is being tested as recommended, then seemingly an announcement won’t be far off, and as VideoCardz conceives, maybe we are looking at a disclose of the CPU at CES 2022.

Whether this boosted flagship variant turns up, we will clearly just have to wait and see, but further, reminisce that AMD is rumored to be all set to release its refreshed Zen 3 CPUs boasting 3D V-Cache or also known as vertical cache tech. And so, this might possibly be Intel’s answer to those overhauled Ryzen processors just maybe Team Blue is getting a little worried that those fresh AMD CPUs could snip some of Alder Lake’s present thunder?

AMD is promising ‘up to’ 15% performance enhancements in gaming with 3D V-Cache-toting CPUs, but we won’t know how true these claims are until the novel Ryzen chips are really out and benchmarked across a range of games, indeed. So, what are your points of view on the upcoming powerful chipset from Intel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and keep visiting our website for further updates on the new chipset from Intel.

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