Intel CEO believes the CPU and GPU shortage crisis will last into 2023

Pat Gelsinger, the Intel CEO made a relatively brave statement, stating in the latest conference with CNBC that both the gaming CPU and graphics card scarcities could last as far as 2023. While he’s deliberated in on the dispute previously, this is the first time he’s named a definite year.

According to Gelsinger while the semiconductor deficiencies that have overwhelmed the tech industry will slightly increase over time, he doesn’t think there will be a supply-demand equilibrium till 2023. He still residues hopeful about the upsurge in PC sales, though, considering that the trend will remain in the upcoming days.

Lisa Su the president and CEO of AMD also agrees that the scarcity won’t be fixed this year but proposes it will get recovered in 2022. Though she also cautions that while the condition will gradually recover, we shouldn’t hope for an instant solution.

Irrespective, none of these forecasts are solid as they’re established on industry assumptions. So we’ll have to wait and see how long this shortage of semiconductors truly lasts.


Analysis: What’s causing the CPU & GPU shortages?

The overall consent is the continuing chip scarcities started with the pandemic. Major issues halted from that, such as the closing of manufacturing sites due to health instructions, attached with the huge upsurge in demand for tech products due to many workers being enforced to work from home thanks to global lockdowns.

The all-inclusive drop in the staff is particularly shocking as it upsets the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC, which supplies global tech giants like AMD, Apple, Nvidia, and many more.

China lately cracked down on cryptocurrency mining as well, which could perhaps recover GPU obtainability but could inclusively deteriorate the semiconductor scarcities. The mandated shutdown is meant to block out energy releases and curb energy carrier prices, but straight interrupting energy suppliers to manufacturing plants will unquestionably upset CPU and GPU manufacture in the long run.

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