Clubhouse will soon let you pin links to the top of rooms

The clubhouse is making it probable for people to share links and monetize their work on the platform. Paul Davison the CEO of Clubhouse and global head of marketing Maya Watson declared a fresh pinned link feature, which permits moderators to abode outside links at the top of a room. These links can straight listeners to whatever moderators want, like a Patreon page, a fresh news article, or a podcast.


Clubhouse and role of definite links

There are some definite links that won’t be permissible for security and moderation causes. Davidson didn’t openly name those kinds of links that wouldn’t be permitted, but he recommended links to Only Fans wouldn’t be recognized because links to porn are forbidden. Now anyone can change, add or eliminate a link, so long as they are a moderator of a room and nevertheless of the total number of followers they have.

On 27th October the feature rolls out for both Android and iOS. Now Clubhouse will not take or cut any kind of revenue for any transactions that happen via the link, although Davison said the team would probably share news in the upcoming months regarding ways in which the app itself will monetize, like through subscriptions and ticketed rooms.

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