How to get YouTube tv free trial 2022

YouTube TV is one of the most popular and two high-end streaming platforms owned by Google. Though, contrasting YouTube Premium, the YouTube TV version has live TV networks like Hulu and Sling TV.

It has numerous channels covering movies and TV shows, news, and live sports. Specified what its potential is, you may be speculative whether YouTube TV has a free trial.

So, does YouTube TV have a 30-day free trial? No. Standard users can only get a seven days trial.

While this is a usual practice in most platforms providing on-demand content, a week may not sufficient to choose whether the platform is valuing a subscription or not. Though, there are an insufficient exclusion concerning the free YouTube TV trial.

YouTube tv free trial
YouTube tv free trial

How to get YouTube tv free trial 30 days 2022?

Similarly, like other platforms, there are temporary promotions on YouTube TV. If you are fortunate, YouTube may extend the trial time from seven days to two weeks.

Nevertheless, this extension is subject to additional factors that YouTube has the authorization to alteration reliant on its promotion intent. The most persistent form of free trial postponement is for Verizon users.

If you are a Verizon user, how long is the free trial of YouTube TV? If YouTube and Verizon have a lively corporation at any given time, you can get up to 30 days trial period.

YouTube tv free trial 2022 codes

In order to reveal any promotion, you must key in your promo code. Since it works with dissimilar entities such as Amazon Prime, YouTube TV promo codes fluctuate reliant on numerous factors.

For example, to get the YouTube TV 30-day trial code, you must be a Verizon customer.

Nevertheless, there are some examples where you do not need trial codes. For instance, the seven-day trial is instinctive, and you do not need an exclusive code from anyone. The same case put on trial extensions.

Does YouTube TV charge you for a free trial?

No, Though the free trial’s foremost reason is to turn you to the platform, YouTube does not charge for the free trials. Even when it extends the trial period to two weeks, you will not be charged anything.

Still, when the seven-day trial interval comes, you will get an email from YouTube informing you that the free trial is over.  The email’s main goal is to notify you that ongoing with the plan will cost you money.

Can I Cancel My YouTube TV Free Trial 2022 Anytime?

Yes, you can, but you will instantly lose access to the service, together with any add-ons.

If you are not certain how to cancel your YouTube TV free trial 2022, you can resort to DoNotPay to do it on your behalf.

YouTube tv free trial
YouTube tv free trial

How do you sign up for a YouTube TV free trial 2022?

Before you start your free trial sign-up, you should know that YouTube TV has stopped supporting registration on iOS devices. You will still be capable to sign in and view the YouTube TV content through the iOS app once you have subscribed to the service.

To register for a YouTube TV free trial, you should open the YouTube TV website on your PC or download the app to your Android device, and do the following:

  • Tap the free trial button
  • Log in to your Google account and confirm your home location
  • Review all the networks covered by your membership, then tap Next
  • Tick any premium networks you’d like to add to your membership
  • Confirm the payment details
  • Tap Buy to finalize the purchase

Here is one thing you should note you can include as many premium networks as you like throughout your trial run, and you won’t be payable for the services till the free trial pass on. To know more about such amazing tips and tricks keep visiting our website.



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