How to get Starz free trial 2022

Starz is a top American cable and streaming service that has the latest TV shows, movies and Starz original series. Starz app is accessible on any platform, it works on any devices deprived of limit and you can download videos you like. So, you can watch present and previous TV shows, hundreds of movies and other favourites anywhere, whenever you want with the Starz application.

Are you Concerned about becoming a Starz’s user? A Starz subscription costs $8.99 a month. But wait for a second, you can get the Stars free trial easily without spending a single penny.

Starz free trial 2022
                                                                                          Starz free trial 2022


How to get STARZ free trial 2022

Starz is now providing a 7-day free trial for novel customers and there are several ways to get it. Officially, you can stack all of the dissimilar free trial options and relish Starz for free up to five long weeks! Now the question is how? To know the methods or tricks read the post till the end.

Starz official free trial

This should be the easiest way to get the Starz 7-day free trial. Here’s how:

  • Go to and click Claim Special Offer.
  • Create an account and input your credit card information.
  • Initiate your 7-day free trial.

That’s it, you can start streaming.

Remember, you won’t be charged open, but you have to stop before your trial is up, or else it will bill you at the start of the subsequent recompense period.

Get Starz free trial from Amazon Prime

Currently, Amazon Prime members can also access Amazon Prime Video to track premium cable channels, including Starz. Amazon Prime Channels permit Amazon Prime members to have a Starz 7-day free trial period. With the free trial, you can access all of the original TV shows and movie content that Starz offers.

  • Go to Amazon Prime Video.
  • Apply for the 30-day free trial.

The Starz 7-day free trial is comprised, so you can enjoy Starz free of charge. Please note that if you sign up via Amazon, you will be restricted to only using Amazon Prime Video to stream. So, hurry up try this method and enjoy amazing content.

 Starz free trial 2022
                                                                                                                                Starz free trial 2022

Sling TV includes Starz free trial

Sling TV, the first internet TV service in the US, provide a Starz add-on pack with a special 7-day free broadcast for all Sling TV subscribers. And it offers a number of premium networks that will also be comprised in your 7-day trial.

FuboTV Starz free trial

FuboTV offers a 7-day free trial which comprises Starz free trial. You can watch FuboTV and Starz for free at the same time.

Hulu Starz free trial

Like FuboTV, Hulu also provides a Starz 7-day free trial in its bundle. You can stream Starz novel shows on Hulu’s website by accumulating Starz to your Hulu subscription. You don’t have to be concerned about paying manifold bills or using dissimilar apps to track your favourite content. But you always have the choice to use a Hulu account to watch your favourite content via the Starz app.

 Starz free trial 2022
                       Starz free trial 2022

Get Starz free trial 30 days from Roku

It’s super easy to get the Starz 30-day free trial from Roku, but you need to purchase a fresh Roku device and sign up for the Starz free trial within 30 days of purchase.

If you need to get a new Roku device or you are preparing to buy a novel device, you can take this into thought.

3 months free Starz on DirectTV

AT&T TV Now has transformed to DirectTV. In the DirectTV entertainment package, Starz is comprised for the first 3 months. If you are a DirectTV user, you can easily access Starz for free and enjoy any of your favourite shows.

 Starz free trial 2022
                            Starz free trial 2022

Final words

Get Starz free trial 2022, download the Starz app on a system, a smartphone or tablet and start the thing. Past and present seasons of Starz Original Series plus movies presently on our channels are just at your fingertips. Just find your desire and hit play. To get such amazing tips and tricks keep visiting our website.

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