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The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have now been revealed and though it was rumoured that the Pixel Watch might come to at a similar time, it wasn’t to be. Assumed all we have overheard regarding a new Google Watch, we can assume that it’s been in progress, but the big question is when it will launch.

The recent report says it may release at some point in 2022, so you can probably suppose to be able to purchase this novel smartwatch next year.

Just like how Pixel phones are launched for Android, the Google Pixel Watch is anticipated to be an instance of the complete potential of Wear OS and assumed the wearable operating system’s huge update was shown off at Google IO, we guessed the watch wasn’t far late.

Underneath we are going to discuss in detail what we know so far about the upcoming Google watch. At that time, further down, we have put together a list of the features we would like from the foremost flagship Google Watch.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch release date and price

A precise release date for the rumoured Google Pixel Watch isn’t confirmed yet but just forecasts based on leaks. The latest report from Insider entitlements to have vocalised to people acquainted with the substance who propose it’s approaching in 2022.

That matches what we have overheard from additional sources in recent months, but the Pixel Watch has been rumoured to be in progress for a decent number of years now.

A tweet from renowned leaker Evleaks claiming a “dependable source” said it would be proclaimed together with the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL back in 2018, then a rumour claimed the Google Watch would release on 15th October 2019 at the Pixel 4 launch but of course, neither occurred, and people are still waiting.

We’re honestly self-assured that such a watch is in the works, however, and it’s probable that the Pixel Watch could advantage from Google’s procurement of Fitbit, which could see the latter firm’s wearable assistances put towards Google smartwatch hardware, but that deal was only confirmed in January 2021.

A smartwatch based on Fitbit’s tech is maybe unlikely to launch in the near future though Google has proclaimed that the finest Fitbit running Wear OS is in the works.

Better still, at Google IO 2021 the firm proclaimed that Wear OS is taking part features from Samsung’s Tizen OS, which could propose what’s approaching in the Google Watch.

We have also perceived that Google has allegedly ordered processors from Samsung which would be proficient in noticing body activities. There’s no assurance that these are for a smartwatch they could be for a Pixel phone but a wearable would be a noticeable fit. That, then, is solid evidence that some arrangement of Pixel Watch is in the works.

When it comes to price, we don’t presently have any clue how much this watch will cost actually. Seeing the Pixel range is generally high-end products with usually flagship-level prices, we would assume that but we don’t presently have any indication supporting it.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch news and rumours

When it comes to specification, there isn’t considerable information about the Google Pixel Watch, however, one source proposes it will use a 5nm chipset probable the same one as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 is rumoured to have. You can suppose a 5nm chipset to be much more influential than the ones we have seen in present Wear OS watches.

We have also seen a Google patent, which specifics a sign control system that would permit a smartwatch to perceive activities you make with your arm, wrist or fingers.

For instance, you could make a handful to launch Google Assistant and open the first to terminate it. These signs would be done on the arm or hand that the watch is worn on. Though patents aren’t permanently used, so there’s no assurance we will see this.

There could also be an immense focus on fitness, both because Google is purchasing Fitbit, and because Google sent out an investigation asking people regarding features, they would like to see in Wear OS, and those features comprised things like SPO2 tracking, sleep apnea detection, sleep analysis, heartbeat alerts, recovery time monitoring, stress tracking, pairing for medical devices and gym equipment, rep detection, and calorie tracking.

Definitely, it’s doubtful they would all be added, but some may well be, and it shows that Google is thoughtful regarding health and fitness.

When it comes to specifications the Pixel Watch is likely to run Qualcomm’s modern Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus chipset that will mean lots of power for running your favourite apps on your wrist.

One rumoured feature was unevenly codenamed ‘Blackghost’. It was supposed to be an influence supervision united circuit built into the chipset itself that will permit the watch to attend out for voice commands at all times without draining the battery.

That isn’t a feature on the Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus, but it may be Google has originated a way to make it a special feature for the Pixel Watch when it releases or that the watch will use a fresh chipset.

If so, supposed to be able to ask Google Assistant questions deprived of either demanding your smartwatch after a few hours or having to press a button earlier.

Google Pixel Watch

Another report this time from WinFuture has recommended there may essentially be three varieties of the Pixel Watch in progress. The website has caught word of devices with code names Ling, Triton and Sardine all in growth at Google HQ.

Precisely what the alterations for the devices would be are presently uncertain. It may mean we’ll see three variants of the Pixel Watch. That same report also recommended at least one version of the watch will originate with 1GB of RAM.

This report could mean there will be one watch in the range with LTE or another that’s considered to be more focused on fitness, but till now, we have yet to overhear any rumours of what those dissimilar versions will be. This report is also quite ancient now, so it may no longer be pertinent.

Rumours expired down for over a year until April 2020, when a leak recommended the Pixel Watch could have a feature characteristically set aside for analogue watches: a physical crown, conferring to an image from leaker Jon Prosser.

Prosser followed up with a batch of rendered images based on the info provided by a source which shows potentially the first full looks at the Pixel Watch’s supposed design. Here’s the full video of Prosser’s reveal.

As per the renders, the Pixel Watch looks like a spherical smartwatch with a bezel-less display, no buttons, and a sole physical crown on the right side. The renders also reconstruct the recommended interface, counting a watch face with circular time indicators, giving it an analogue timepiece look. The apps look very simple signifying Google could be going for a more graceful simple design.

What we want to see

1. Rotating crown or bezel

Before the switch to Wear OS, Android Wear 2.0 put a vast emphasis on how the design had been revised to play well with circling bezels and crowns, but then we haven’t seen several watches embrace that.

Why not use it for the Google Pixel Watch? Those features may be far away in Google’s rear-view mirror as the Wear OS updates take for instance, but we would love to see an advanced way of cooperating with the watch such as a revolving crown or bezel.

2. In-display fingerprint scanner

If Google truly requires to put the Pixel Watch on the map, adding an in-display fingerprint scanner would go a long way to doing that. Presently Wear OS watches permit you to protect them with a PIN code but that’s not the most protected form of safety accessible.

With an in-display fingerprint scanner, the safe biometric technology would fit flawlessly into the wearable deprived of unsettling the visual demand of the watch. It would also permit you to approve purchases over the recent contactless limit.

There are a couple of probable rejections here though. Initially, the calculation of this fledgling technology could raise the width of the watch and no one wants an excessively bumpy wearable but furthermore, it’ll also possible push the price tag way up.

If Google can overwhelm these two things, however, you can sign us up for a Pixel Watch right now.

3. Swimproof

We are used to smartwatches approaching with a level of dust and water resistance, but few smartwatches come with an IP certification high plentiful to safeguard their endurance when we get into the local pool.

A completely swim-proof Google Pixel Watch would not only allow you to keep the wearable on in the bath, but also allow you to track workouts in the pool without fear of failure.

4. Three-day battery life

This is an obvious one, but we want the Google Pixel Watch to last as long as it can. Visualise a completely mature smartwatch that doesn’t need charging after two days of exhaustive usage.

Wear OS is participating in a valuable improved battery saver mode that should give you a lot more time with your smartwatch, but it will limit the total number of features you can use when it’s in working condition.

Obviously, Google wants to progress how long your watch will last from one complete charge, but we would love to see an immense battery inside the watch and well-enhanced software that provides the best battery for a smartwatch on the current market.

Google Pixel Watch

5.NFC payments

Another simple but most effective one is here, but quite a few Wear OS watches don’t feature with NFC manufactured in so you aren’t capable to use Google Pay features on your wrist. That’s a frustration for a lot of people, so we are hoping Google will comprise an NFC chip with this watch.

That’ll specifically be valuable when you are out for a run and you need to purchase a bottle of water, but you’ve left your wallet at home.

6. Best in class fitness

While we are discussing the topic of the success of the Google Pixel watch, we want the Pixel Watch to contest the fitness prowess of the Apple Watch 3 as well as top-end high-quality watches like the Garmin Forerunner 935.

Visualise if Google can comprise all of the newest tracking techs with precise GPS, LTE so we can listen to music on the go as well as a top of the range heart rate tracker.

We want to be able to strap the Google Pixel Watch to our wrist and head out for any type of exercise and know we’ll be tracked accurately and get as many fitness stats as we possibly can.

7. High-end watch design

This one is specified, but we want to see a watch that you are not uncomfortable wearing on your wrist. Not every Wear OS watch is an elegant creation, so we wish Google will be able to provide a thinner option than most other manufacturers that use high-end materials and feels like an appropriate watch you are eager to wear.

If you’re going to be expenses a good amount of money on a novel watch, you’ll want it to appear amazing on your wrist so this is one of the most significant things we want to see on the novel wearable.

This is what we know so far regarding the leaks of the upcoming wearable of Google. What are your points of view on this upcoming watch and what features do you want to see in this flagship smartwatch from Google? Share your thought with us in the comment section. Keep visiting our website for further updates on Google Pixel Watch.

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