Game Pass Is Free For Xbox Gold All-Star Subscribers For Five Months

  • Christmas is almost here, and this time of year is all about being surrounded by loved ones, sharing laughter, joy, and presents that are supposed to refresh the spirit. And while we’re on the subject of presents, wait till you see what Microsoft has in store for its most devoted customers. Xbox users with a lengthy history with the firm, namely long-time members of the premium services, are in for a treat. The Redmond-based IT behemoth looks in the holiday spirit and has begun the gift-giving season.

A small subset of Xbox Live Gold subscribers has received messages from Xbox congratulating them on being All-Star Gold members. But that’s not all: this letter comes with a voucher for five free months of Xbox Game Pass. Given that we’re talking about over half a year of subscription, this is a big gift. Those who do get the notice from Microsoft will be informed that it will carry their remaining Gold time over 1:1.

To clarify, if your Gold membership has 12 months left, you will receive 17 months of Game Pass Ultimate after redeeming the voucher. Everyone was taken aback by the letter and was first wary since there had been suspicion that it may be a clever ruse.

According to several people who received this gift and claimed it, everything appears to be operating correctly, so there’s no need to be concerned. However, it seems that this is a true statement from Microsoft, so everyone may relax and enjoy their gifts.

In 2021, Microsoft is said to have added about $6,300 worth of titles to Xbox Game Pass:

There’s a reason Xbox Game Pass is considered the best gaming deal available. Xbox Game Pass is said to have gotten $6,317.35 in new titles in 2021 (about £4,780 / AU$8,823), which is a staggering amount considering a year’s subscription to Microsoft’s program costs just $59.99 / £49.99 / AU$80.

The Load calculated the total cost of new Xbox Game Pass titles by computing the value of each title added to Xbox Game Pass on console and PC in 2021 based on their Microsoft Store listings. The research also determined the most valuable month for Xbox Game Pass, which turned out to be March 2021.

In March, the service included many Bethesda Game Studio games, including The Evil Within two and Rage, for a total of $964.67. To get access to all of the new titles introduced to the Xbox and PC libraries, you’ll need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Even though Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is more expensive than the standard subscription, you’ll only have to pay $119.88 for a year’s worth of content, which is far less than the value of the new games this year.

Additional features of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription include Xbox Cloud Gaming and exclusive in-game bonuses. You’re probably sick of hearing it, but Xbox Game Pass is the best deal out there right now. The sheer quantity of games offered is one thing, but when you factor in the total cost of every game released this year, it’s clear that members save a significant amount of money.

Game Pass Is Free For Xbox Gold All-Star Subscribers For Five Months
Game Pass Is Free For Xbox Gold All-Star Subscribers For Five Months

This year’s Xbox Game Pass includes Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Psychonauts 2. Buying these titles would cost a lot more than a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is probably why so many people have it in the first place: you get all of Microsoft’s first-party games straight immediately.

If the fact that Xbox Title Pass allows users to “rent” games has irked you, it’s easy to forget that each game introduced to the program is also available to buy digitally and at a 20% discount.

Nintendo Teases ‘Splatoon 3’ for the Nintendo Switch, Coming Soon to Gaming Platforms; But When?

Nintendo is teasing the video game “Splatoon 3” on social media, saying it will be available soon but without specifying when. The general public and its supporters are pretty enthusiastic about the game, mainly because of its benefits when published. The latest teaser from Nintendo adds to the excitement surrounding the game.

Octolings and Inklings form a partnership. Nintendo is coming to deliver another round of Christmas enthusiasm to the audience with their new teaser of the famous third-person shooter game “Splatoon 3.” The tweet merely claims that the game is in production and offers a snapshot of some of the game’s most famous characters.

An Inkling and an Octoling are shown in this concept illustration for the game, which would make a terrific smartphone or vertical wallpaper. Nintendo noted that the team wishes everyone a happy Christmas season, demonstrating that the game’s designers are still hard at work on it despite the holidays.

The game’s trailer was published in September, but it wasn’t enough to pique fans’ interest in the next title. However, when it comes to the content of its third installment, it brings a lot to the table. “Splatoon 3” has yet to get a release date from Nintendo Switch, and the company has not said when the game will be released to the general public.

However, it is expected to be completed in 2022, emphasizing the middle or end of the year. Nintendo has yet to make a public announcement about the game’s release date, but it will be announced soon and has been confirmed.

Nintendo’s and Splatoon’s Impact on the World:

In 2015, “Splatoon” published a new third-person shooter game, and since then, the popular game has gathered a large following of fans from all over the world. Despite its enormous number of releases, the game received great reviews and is currently one of Nintendo’s most well-known new brands.

Due to the success of “Splatoon,” its well-known characters were included in the famous “Mario Kart” game, with Inkling Girl driving her kart through Mario land. Other games include “Splatoon’s” debut as a fan-made mod for the popular sandbox and world-building game Minecraft.

“Splatoon 3” is nearing release, and this is an excellent year for the general public to witness it because it is a fast-developing product, with its third game in over six years. Nintendo is focusing its efforts on various titles, but its focus on “Splatoon” shows that it intends to keep up with new releases in development while also giving the team a new brand.

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