15 Years Employee Steals Confidential Files From Pfizer Relating To COVID 19 Vaccination

The opposing or competitor companies of Pfizer have been a source of worry for them. Not just them but any company or any business feels the same from their competitors. Pfizer has been the most successful in developing effective vaccines against Covid 19, not just for adults but for kids too. They have not let out their data or developing strategy out to anyone else, and they had no plans of doing so in the future too.

When a Pfizer Competitor offered a job to one of the employees of Pfizer, and she decided to take it, it was found that she intentionally leaked some of the Covid 19 vaccine-related important documents to the other company. She has now been sued by Pfizer as they accused her of stealing the files. These files were very important to Pfizer, and if they were to be leaked, Pfizer would have faced huge setbacks.

It is being said that through the laptop that the company had given her, she transferred very important files to her decide and personal accounts without permission from the company. These files were about twelve thousand in number. This was against the contract of confidentiality that Pfizer employees have to sign before working. The contract was breached by Chun Xiao Li, stated Pfizer in the federal court of San Diego on Tuesday.

The cancer antibodies presentations, partnership in the vaccination with the Germans, BioNTech or PF=fizer COVID-19 vaccine-related recommendations, and the testing and analysis reports, all of it was part of the materials that were uploaded by Chun Xiao Li on 24 September 2021.

To hide this transfer of files and to hide her theft, she even went so far into decoding the laptop device. She had been following the company and covering her tracks so that she would not get caught. She had an edge of being the Statistics director of associate. She did everything so carefully that one could not easily guess it, but all thieves left some clues, and so did she. Now that she has been caught, more truth will be coming out soon about who Is the real source behind this.

It was stated by a drugmaker in New York city that the location of the files, the reason behind her theft, the real reason why this even happened, and what exactly she stole have not been clearly told to Pfizer by Li. He stated that it is obvious that she has been misleading Pfizer and now the investigation department about all the details.

On the 29th of November, the diseases of autoimmune disorder and the cancer treatment-focused company in California known as the Xencor Inc has offered partnership to the theft suspect Li. Li, who worked at the company for the past fifteen years, was resigning recently and joining them. Although the evidence does point at Li sourcing the information to Xencor inc yet it is not absolutely clear with authentic proof.

There has been yet no comment or statement issued by Xencor, and in the lawsuit, too, the defendant is not being acted by Xencor. There were no immediate responses through the LinkedIn account Li either.

This year in 2021, when Pfizer has been at the top of achieving the most efficient and effective treatments for the COVID 19 infection along with its vaccines, there has been a lot of pull from the competitors. They have been trying to buy off employees, offering them jobs, and by other means, they have been trying to compete with Pfizer and its recent developments.

Pfizer Inc has stated that these competitors will have to give up on their hopes of getting ahead of them as they will be making sure no information is leaked in any way and nothing gets unnoticed anymore. All their recent data and discoveries, which have been kept confidential, will be stored with more proper care and secrecy so that no more stealing happens. They will make sure that Li and the others behind this also get punished for their wrongdoings.

For finding out more about what Li has done and where she has stored the data and files, the lawyers have been allowed by the court to have access to all the accounts of Li and her data. Pfizer has been granted access to Li’s data, and Li has been banned from discussing or being involved with Pfizer.

The trading secrets and confidential information of the Pfizer will no longer be used by Li either, and she has been completely blocked from its use, stated Cathy Ann Bencivengo, who is the district judge of the United States on Tuesday in the detailed order she passed about this Li and Pfizer’s case.

The next hearing regarding this is set to be on the 9th of December when the judge has asked for more details from both sides. Each side will be given a chance to prove themselves as right or wrong. Both cases will be analyzed in detail before the final verdict is given because in cases like these, there is a lot of hidden factors and facts involved, which come out with time and patience.

Pfizer Inc, till now, has to wait and protect its data from getting leaked to anyone. Pfizer showed surprise and disappointment at the same time when an employee of the past fifteen years was found to have stabbed the company behind their backs. They said that they have high expectations of their employees, and they want them to reach up to that level of expectations. Things like these will not only hurt the company alone but for themselves too.

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