Dragonspiral Descent: Druddigon makes its Pokémon GO debut!

The new Season of Heritage in Pokémon GO will congregation one of its first-ever mini-events of the season, the “Dragonspiral Descent” event that announces a novel Pokémon from the Unova region. Druddigon, the Dragon-type Pokémon will make its introduction in Pokémon GO as well as its shiny variant.

As part of the ongoing story in Pokémon GO, Professor Willow revealed a secretive historic gate on one of his outings. That gate has now been galvanised thanks to the hard work of trainers during Swinub Insense Day. The Dragonspiral Decent is a callback to the Dragonspiral Tower from the Pokémon Black/White games. In this event, you may find either Reshiram or Zekrom.

These two Pokémon and their shiny variations are also in Five-Star Raids in Pokémon GO throughout the event. The introductory of the historic gate has triggered an outpouring of Fire, Electric, and Ice-type encounters in-game. Druddigon can be attained at the end of its related Field Research Tasks. Druddigon will also appear in 3-star raids.

Dragonspiral Descent

Dragonspiral Descent event date and timing

The Dragonspiral Decent event will start December 7th at 10 AM local time and run till December 11th at 8 PM local time. Added Pokémon apparent in improved amounts during the event comprise Seel, Vulpix, Sneasel, Dratini, Mareep, Bltizle, Trapinch, Deino and Fire-type Darumaka. The shiny alternatives for those Pokémon will also appear. Dragonair and Vibrava will also appear in amplified numbers. An event theme-based Collection Challenge will take place and players that clasp all the required Pokémon will be rewarded with 1000 XP and 3000 Stardust. The Mega Evolution of Steelix will also be available during this event.

Dragonspiral Descent

Draddigon, as the name suggests, is a Dragon-type Pokémon. Its outline to the Pokémon GO Unova Pokedex shadows an approach that Niantic has been doing this year. Rather than release them all on one occasion as they did for the first two regions, now there are definite events theme-based around the release. Dedenne was recently released in the Season of Mischief and this tactic makes it an event and extend playtime. Pokémon GO’s Unova dex still has some spaces left to fill but it has filled out over time.

This is an extended list of Pokémon with enlarged spawns for this event, but as of script, there are no sources representing that there are improved chances of getting shinies. Players will either have to expect that there are improved chances to go along with the enlarged spawn rates or return to exploitation enrage to trap out higher numbers of Pokémon. The Field Research tasks that will repayment Draddigon are also unidentified at the moment.

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